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Table Throws

Table covers are an important component of your trade show display, but their importance can be easily overlooked. Their function is much more than just hiding ugly tables. They can be used to complement and highlight your corporate branding, accentuating the look and feel of your trade show booth. Trade show table covers tie your exhibit together and give it a sleek and professional appearance needed to impact your audience.

Table cover types include:

Table Throw Cloth

These table covers are the traditional or residential tablecloths. These table covers are versatile covering a range of table sizes. These usually drape down to the floor.

Fitted Table Covers

These table covers fit snuggly around the table. No clips are required to hold this table cover in place. These table covers are custom made to fit the exact dimensions of your table.

Table Runners

Table runners are an additional piece of material that usually lies on top a the table cover. Table runners accent plain table cloths. These can be printed with your logo or a marketing message. These are versatile and fit any size table.

There are several different types of fabrics used in manufacturing table covers.

Knit Polyester

This is the most popular and most versatile of all the fabrics used in manufacturing table covers. Graphics can be digitally printed directly onto the fabric. This process can produce full color imaging. This high-impact printing results in brilliant colors. Since the fabric is actually dyed with the ink through a thermal process, the colors won’t fade even after many washing and repeated wear. Knit polyester is also fire retardant.


Nylon displays a more sportier look than knit polyester. Because it is a heavier material, it works well for situations where you require more of a clean fitted look on the table corners. Nylon is well suited for both indoor and outdoor events. Some nylons are water resistant as well as stain resistant.


Vinyl table covers are used outdoors and at events where food and beverages will be served because these covers are water-proof.


These table covers allow for a full bleed, full color print that produces vibrant colors. Spandex table covers are form-fitting and produce a very attractive wrinkle-free image. They give a sculptured look, producing a sleek, elegant style. Spandex covers are washable without the worries of fading.

Table covers tie your whole display together. Use them to add eye-appeal and bold colors to your event.