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Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are one of the most popular banner styles in use today. That’s because they display high impact and eye catching graphics, they’re inexpensive, very portable and easy to set up and disassemble.

Retractable banner stands operate similar to a film projector screen. The have a base that contains a tension recoil spring mechanism that retracts the graphic banner into the base. The banner’s base not only protects the graphic banner during storage and transportation but it makes transporting the banner a breeze.

To set up the retractable banner, sometimes referred to as a roll-up banner, the graphic banner is pulled up and attached to a pole. The large graphic area provides maximum visibility that easily attracts those who are passing by.

Retractable banners are used in a variety of ways: point of sales, in shopping malls, positioned in hotel foyers, residential areas, educational institutions, airports, medical offices, trade shows, company events, promotional events and beauty clinics, to name a few. There are a number of benefits to using retractable banner stands.


Because the graphic banner retracts into a small base, retractable banners are super easy to transport. These banners are desirable because they produce a large graphic presentation but are compact, lightweight and easy to carry. Most retractable banners come with a padded nylon traveling case.

Easy to Set Up

Amazingly, retractable banner stands only take seconds to set up and seconds to disassemble. Just pull up the graphic banner, attach it to the supporting rod and you’re finished. Retractable banners make a great addition to trade show display booths. Dismantling is also a breeze. Just unhook the supporting rod and the banner automatically retracts back into the base.

Flexible and Versatile

A retractable banner can be used over and over again with little wear and tear on the banner graphic or the base mechanism. It’s also simple to replace the graphic banner to update your marketing message and to increase your branding.


One of the most attractive reasons for using retractable banner displays is the protection they provide to the graphics. Transporting and shipping trade show graphics and displays produces the greatest wear and tear on these components. The graphic rolled up inside the base adds another protective layer during transport.


Retractable banners can be conveniently positioned in a trade show booth or any promotional area to produce maximum exposure to your marketing message. These banners can be printed on both sides providing greater visibility to your brand and message.


Retractable banner displays are inexpensive compared to the price of a custom trade show display. Using these banners is a cost-effective way to deliver high impact graphics that attracts interest.


Because of technological advancements, almost anything can be printed on banner graphics from company logos to photographs to eye-popping images. Since printing costs are relatively cheap, changing out your marketing message on a regular basis is a viable option.

If you want to set your display apart from the rest of the crowd, using retractable banners is a great way to accomplish this. Making the banner message attractive, pleasing to the eye, bold and colorful will showcase your company’s message in a professional and contemporary way.