Tension Fabric Displays | Fabric Pop Up Displays

Fabric Displays

Fabric displays have become the biggest rage in the trade show display industry. They’re popular because of their large impact graphics with no seams and lightweight aluminum frames.

Tension fabric displays are now the workhorse of trade shows and promotional events. Fabric graphics are made of polyester knit, tightly woven together. A “dye sublimation” process is used to color the fabric. Dye Sublimation is the process of applying an image to polyester cloth using sublimation ink, heat and pressure. The dye penetrates the fiber of the fabric and the resulting image will never fade, crack or peel. This process creates a vibrant, sharp, long-lasting image. There are a number of advantages to tension fabric pop-ups.

  • Variety of shapes and sizes – the displays can be traditional flat but you can get the “pillow” look, concave from top to bottom and concave from side to side. Most of these fabrics are like a zipped pillow case.
  • Displays are thin and light – this gives fabric displays a modern and very sleek look. Tension fabric displays are much lighter than traditional pop-up displays. They weigh around 25-30 pounds compared to 90 pounds for a pop up display
  • Graphics are fabric – the graphic fits tight and snug around a lightweight frame. This is in contrast to the boxy look you get from pop-up displays
  • Not just for pop-ups – you can use fabric graphics on truss displays, modular aluminum displays, around your counters, on banner stands, molded around hanging signs and on a variety of other mediums.
  • Easy to transport – tension fabric displays are easy to assemble and disassemble. Because these are light-weight they are very portable. The setup is usually a one-man job.
  • Customization – Tension fabrics are highly customizable because they are so easy to handle and work with. They can be stretched, twisted, layered to meet your creative design preferences.

Using tension fabric displays gives you limitless design possibilities. The versatility of the graphic displays allows you to design a display that is stunning, creative and complimentary to your brand. A fabric graphic, creatively designed, can really turn heads at your next trade show. You can’t go wrong using fabric graphics at your next trade show exhibition.