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Pop-Up Displays

Pop-Up displays have been the work horse for exhibitors in trade shows for decades. Pop Up displays come in a variety of sizes; 6 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot and 20 foot. They have been very popular because of their versatility, sleek and attractive appearance and portability. Pop up displays are made of a lightweight collapsible frame, using aluminum or fiber glass. Most popups can be installed in 10 to 15 minutes.

Pop-up displays are easy to set up and very portable for traveling. They are one of the most inexpensive ways to showcase your brand and attract interested and potential clients. Pop Ups are used for wall displays all the way down to table top displays. They are very durable and, of course, you can use them multiple times. There are various types of pop up displays.

  • Graphic Displays – These are the traditional Pop Up Displays. These displays come graphic-ready with Velcro fabric panels. The panels are hung on the face of the frame using the magnetic strips of the fabric panels. The expandable frame is made from aluminum or fiber glass. Accessories such as shelving, lights, counters and monitor holders can be added to the display. Affordability, ease of setup and portability are some of the benefits of graphic pop up displays.
  • Tension Fabric Displays – This display uses full color, one piece fabric graphics. These graphics usually stay on the frame during assembling, disassembling and storage of the display. Setup for fabric displays is easy and minimal. Usually within 5 minutes the display is assembled. Since the fabric is one piece, it is stretched tight onto the display frame. Fabric displays are wrinkle free, very customizable, won’t fade and easy to store and transport.
  • 3D Pop Up Displays – These consist of graphic flags printed on stretchable fabric and attached to an expandable frame in a variety of shapes, positions and sizes resulting in an unique presentation. The 3D display frame consists of squares or quads that allow the attachment of graphics in different ways: flat front, back to front, rotated, etc. 3D pop up displays are set up in minutes; graphics are usually left on the frame and allow for unlimited design options.

When choosing pop up displays, pay attention to the type of frame it has. Durable frames, such as fiber glass, are the best for longevity. Also, check the warranty of the product. Life-time warranty on manufacturer’s defects is important. Pop-up Displays are excellent choices to showcase your company’s brand at your next trade show.