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Literature Stands

Literature stands are essential if you have information about your company, products and services that needs to be displayed to the public. Present these materials to the public in an organized and professional manner using literature display stands. At your next trade show, use literature stand displays to accent your booth and promote organization. Don’t leave your pamphlets, company fact sheet and brochures just lying on a table but display them in a portable literature stand.

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What are some benefits of literature stands?

Professional Appearance

People are attracted to areas that are clean, organized and present a professional appearance. Literature stands provide a place to display brochures, magazines, catalogs and product information. These stands keep materials from being piled into stacks and scattered throughout the room. Keep your space from getting cluttered by using these portable literature stands.


Literature racks come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. Choose the ones that best fit your brand, look and feel.

Save Time

You can pre-load your marketing materials into literature displays before a trade show, saving you a lot of time during the set up of your booth.

Save Space

Keep your tables and counter top free of stack of brochures and products sheets by putting them in literature stands. Free up these spaces for customer interaction and product demonstrations.

Save Money

Printing marketing materials such as brochures, sales folders, product flyers and magazines is expensive. Keeping these materials in literature stands prevents damage to them. So no more throwing out wrinkled, torn or curled up marketing material. Storing your materials in these stands keeps them neat and clean and ready for the next show.


There are a myriad of uses for literature stands.

  • reception areas
  • waiting rooms
  • classrooms
  • media centers
  • break rooms
  • lounges
  • lobbies
  • trade shows
  • promotional events
  • libraries

There are three different styles of literature stands to choose from.

All Steel Literature Stands

These stands are usually 4-6 feet in height. They are made of powder coated steel in either black or silver. These stands come in different styles from curved stands to linear framed stands.

All Steel Collapsible Literature Stands

These types of stands are perfect for use in trade shows. They collapse down to a compact size, perfect for shipping. The can expand up to 6 feet tall. They also come in single or double-wide versions. All Steel Collapsible Racks offer both strength and portability. You would use these in situations where a more durable stand is needed and yet easily transported. When you want a professional appearance plus a stand that has a lot of strength then the All Steel Literature Stand is the one to use.

Nylon Roll Away Racks

These stands are lightweight and collapse down to a very small size and converts into a carrying size bag. The stand is constructed of nylon material with steel rods and retaining straps sewn into the material.

Nylon Roll Away Racks offer the greatest portability and are perfect for trade shows or situations where you are traveling frequently to events or shows.