Hosting an outdoor event means you need to have some sort of protection from the elements, both for you and your belongings, but mainly for your guests. An outdoor canopy tent is the obvious choice in providing this protection, but there is something to keep in mind when scouting the possibilities – are your promotional tents waterproof, or is it just water resistant?

It may seem like a minor detail to some people, but there is a significant difference between waterproof and water resistant tents. If the weather cooperates, overlooking this factor won’t be a big deal, but if storms approach, you could find yourself scrambling to keep everything dry. Simply put, a water resistant tent will afford you some protection if it does start to rain. These outdoor canopy tents are treated with a water resistant finish that will cause any moisture to bead up and roll off canopy tents. This is fine for mists or light showers, but if the heavens open up, you’re going to get wet. Water resistant finishes can only hold the water off for so long; during a heavy rain, the moisture will pool on the tent canopy, ultimately resulting in leaks directly into your tent space.

To fully protect yourself from this, you need a waterproof tent. These tents are coated with a finish that repels moisture, causing it to slide right off without any seepage. A waterproof tent will keep everything underneath it completely dry, and there’s no need to worry about water pooling on top or leaks coming through.

An outdoor canopy tent that is waterproof will cost a bit more than their water resistant counterparts, but if you have valuable items in your tent space or any concern at all about water damage, then it’s well worth the investment. However, if you’re confident the weather will cooperate and you have a backup plan in case it doesn’t – such as ponchos or plastic wrap on hand – then a water resistant tent will suit your purpose just fine.

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