Owning your own business can be exciting, as well as intimidating, especially if you are new to the world of self-promotion. One of the first plans business owners must focus on is how to attract new business; come up with exciting ways to draw in more clients. Trade shows are a good way to promote your business, show people what you are all about, and get your name out there for good word-of-mouth advertising. Before you set up your first trade show exhibit, there are some terms common to the business end of trade shows that should roll off your tongue easily.

Portable Displays

Portable trade show displays are one of the best options if you plan on doing more than one trade show. The fact that they are portable, meaning you can easily set them up and take them down to transfer to another location, is one major benefit, but not the only one. You can also have your display custom-made to your specifications with your design in mind.

Your design can include the ability to add on or change some of the aspects of your portable trade show exhibit, giving you the advantage of being able to change the appearance of your portable display with each trade show you attend. You benefit from changeable displays as it can give you an edge over your competition. Each new promotion you engage in can feature a unique look for that particular trade show.

Besides being easily transported and providing more opportunities for changes, a portable display can cost less than other options, and give you a unique look for each individual situation.

Banner Stands

Those desiring to make use of banner stands for trade shows should make their choice carefully. Each banner stand display is designed to draw attention to your trade show display. They can be set up to display practically anything you want to announce to your audience. The large size gives a clear view and also a professional, polished look. Your business hours, contact info, specials, and any other message you want to promote can be included in your banner. Some banner stands are adjustable, and each one can display your chosen banner for a particular trade show in a different way. Prices vary according to what type of stand, size, and material it is made of. They are portable, and easily set up for each new display area.


One of the simplest ways to set up your trade show display is to use an option that pops up. Similar to pop-up products such as tents, these are easy to set up and take down, requiring little time or attention. They are convenient to use, and easy to pack up and transport to the next event. The concept of a pop-up display may be one of the best trade show display ideas to come along because of how simple they are to use.

Table Covers

What you use to cover your table may end up being one of the smallest, yet very important aspects of your trade show exhibit. You could use a simple table covering, or you could invest in something that will accentuate the positive, giving information to people as they walk by. Your business name, phone number, and other information could be included in the front of your table by designing the right table cover.

Modular Exhibits

Modular trade show exhibits offer advantages not seen in some of the other options. They are highly adaptable, customizable, and can include graphics, multimedia, and additional display options. They come in different sizes and are easy to set up and take down.

Custom Exhibits

If you want the best products for promoting your business, you may want to order a custom exhibit. This product will be customized uniquely for your business and your desired concept.

Inline Exhibit

An inline exhibit may be beneficial if your situation at the trade show requires you to have everything in a straight line. You can find many options, including pop-ups, table tops, and even modular exhibits, to include in your inline exhibit.

Island Exhibit

An island exhibit is a set-up with aisles. Typically, there are four sides, and plenty of room for your chosen display to offer a great trade show exhibit. This type of display would probably require professional set up.

Double Deck Exhibit

There may be a time when you want to take advantage of all the space you can in a trade show. One of the ways to expand without buying more space is to invest in a double deck exhibit. Usually, they will have stairs so people can go up to a second floor of your exhibit to see more. You can expand your exhibit without taking up more floor space when you use a double deck method, also requiring professional set up.

Now, with the knowledge you’ve gained from explanations of a few terms, you’re ready to plan and make your advertising purchases wisely.

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