Pop up tents offer an excellent way to boost your visibility at trade shows, conferences, races or practically any type of event you can imagine. If you do invest in a pop-up tent, however, you’ll find that there are several types to choose from. Each comes with its own set of merits, but pop up canopy tents are one of the most popular styles, and with good reason.

They can be customized – One of the best features about pop up tents is how easy it is to customize them with your own graphic designs. The fabric tents can be digitally or screen printed with your text and images, giving you a look that’s all your own. This is especially useful if one of your goals is to promote your brand, because you can add your logo, signature colors and other branding info on your tent canopy.

Tons of practical purposes – Pop-up tents also come with a number of practical purposes. They offer shelter from the elements, keeping you and your things dry during a rainstorm, or providing shade when the sun is in full force. They also can be used to store items and house mini-events within the larger event (i.e., contests, giveaways, meetings, etc.).

Easy to set up – Assembly is a breeze with pop up tents as well. The tents consist of a simple frame, usually constructed from lightweight aluminum poles, and then the fabric canopy. Setting them up only takes a few minutes, and one person can usually handle it on his/her own.

Cost-effective – Another bonus of going with a pop-up canopy tent is how cost-effective they are. Of all the custom canopy tents for sale, pop-ups are easily the least expensive, even when you add custom graphics. They can also be reused over and over again, provided you care for and store them properly.