Whether you’re hosting an event indoors or out, custom canopy tents can help you stand out from the crowd. These promotional tents are designed for you, by you, featuring your own custom graphics and helping your further your brand. When it comes to printing, however, there are two ways you can do it: digital or screen printing. Keep reading for a description of each printing type, and what the pros and cons of each are.

Screen printing – Screen printing offers a fairly basic level of customization. A screen print is ideal for a company that wants to keep their look simple, with just a few colors and relatively basic graphics for their pop up tents. These work well for people who just want to include their logo, for instance. Because this type of printing is more basic, it’s also less expensive, so it’s perfect for the budget-minded business. Costs can be further reduced by limiting your designs to just two or three colors.

Digital printing – Digital printing, on the other hand, offers a bit more. These prints are similar to what you would get with an inkjet printer, so the colors are richer, the graphics more complex, and the overall look is much more eye-catching for a custom canopy tent. Naturally, digitally printed tent canopies are more expensive, but many companies find the investment to be worth it. These custom canopy tents are bold and practically guarantee you get the attention you’re after, vastly increasing your ROI potential.

When it comes to choosing between digital or screen printed tents, it comes down to two factors: your budget and your objectives/expectations. If your goal at the event is to attract as much attention as possible and your have allotted funds to promote yourself, then go for digital prints. However, if you want to let the other aspects of your business – like your great products and friendly staff – do the heavy lifting, then a screen printed custom canopy tent might suit your needs better.