Sports games, races, tailgating – it doesn’t matter what type of sporting event you’re attending, sporting canopies can make it a whole lot more enjoyable. Aside from offering protection from the elements – rain or sun – promotional tents also serve as a home base for you and your company. More importantly, these pop up tents also serve a business function, giving you another opportunity to promote your brand and gain exposure. Here are just some of the ways you can use canopy tents at sporting events.

Team branding – Are you a team sponsor? If you are, then you need your own place at the event to show your involvement. Define your space and promote your team brand with a custom tent canopy. Your tent should match your team, with the same colors, logo and other graphics. You can also use the space to hand out promotional items, such as t-shirts, water bottles and more.

Business promo – Even if you’re not sponsoring a team, you can still set up sporting canopy tent to promote your business. Customize your tent with your branding info, then focus solely on promotional activities. Contests and giveaways are hugely popular at events, and they’re a great way to meet people and gain their contact information.

Water/supply station – Sports canopies can also function as water/supply stations at events. These are guaranteed to attract the masses, especially at outdoor sporting events where people need refreshments. In addition to a custom canopy, you can even hand out customized water bottles and other goodies.

Tailgating – If you’ve ever tailgated, you know all about the crowds that typically gather around a tent. Be in the center of the action with your own custom tent, and bring the tailgaters to you! Just make sure you have a few promo items to offer them.