Trade shows are an awesome way for businesses to gain an edge in competitive markets. One of the things you can do to make the most of your trade show is to take advantage of the many decisions you can make to help your exhibit be successful. Success is within your reach, especially when you educate yourself about being creative, take advantage of all the options you have at your disposal, and take part in many trade shows that are able to promote your business.

Here are some tips to help you create a successful exhibit:

  • Use high quality products, especially carpets and padding. People notice how well your display has been crafted and taking pride in the little things may end up meaning a lot. Choose remnants and pads which are obviously not on the low end of the scale. Your carpet should be comfortable and well-padded so people will know you are serious about making the best presentation possible.
  • When you are making purchases for your trade show display, make sure you use a credit card for your own protection, and as a good record of the transaction.
  • If you want a better-than-average trade show display, you can add your choice of many options to enhance your display. Your booth can include tablecloths that promote your business. You can create workstations in the area so people can experience some hands-on demonstrations. Adding banner stands for additional information or a podium for speaking can be great additions to your exhibit set-up to attract potential customers.
  • People like to get convenient information, yet don’t like to be swamped with pamphlets and paperwork. You could make things simpler and save money if you cut back on those and put more emphasis on other promotional efforts. Create a smaller business hand-out with simple information on it, such as all your contact information, including your phone number and website. You can also include bullet points on a stand-up sign that address your business’s special offers. That way, potential clients can walk away from your trade show display with everything they need in order to make an educated decision – to purchase your product or service, of course.
  • Have samples ready to show when possible. Showing people what you can do, and how professional you are, will get the attention of consumers. You could incorporate pictures, a slide show, and even offer some references of satisfied customers.
  • Invest in custom-designed table top displays. Not only can this add an element most trade show displays may be missing, but they are also able to be changed from time to time so you can orchestrate a different look with each trade show.
  • Have a strategy to gain clients at the show. You could run a “Trade show only special,” or give away a special gift to anyone who makes a purchase or signs a contract at the trade show. People love free things, so taking advantage of that may give you an edge your neighbor may not have.
  • Make sure your trade show exhibit is set up in an attractive manner. Take care of any repairs or replacements you may need to make to your display ahead of time.

Taking part in trade shows can be a beneficial business move. Using top-notch displays, adding additional display items in many forms, and investing in high quality items for the top of your table will make a huge difference. If you do everything you can to make your trade show displays a success, you will be well on your way to increasing your business … and your profits!

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