Trade shows are a great way to maximize your advertising ability in a short time frame with minimal investment. Whether you are new to the trade show part of business or are an experienced convention hall exhibit professional, there are always new and exciting opportunities to grab the attention of potential clients and customers. The materials and products you utilize for your trade show table top displays are integral components to ensure you achieve the highest rate of visibility possible for each trade show in which you exhibit. There are many options, and many different ways to use your table top displays.

Five Ways to Use Your Table Top Displays

  • Impulse purchases: Many businesses take advantage of last minute impulse purchases and those can drive profits up significantly. People are impulsive creatures, as well as creatures of habit. Some businesses recognize this more than others, and are very good at encouraging that impulsive tendency. You can utilize your trade show table top displays to attract those “on impulse” buyers. You can incorporate small impulse sales by including items at your display booth that people commonly want. By having those items available for sale at a special trade show discounted price. In so doing, people will have to make a decision right away whether or not to purchase in order to save. You will want to have some products available to take home right then to take advantage of impulse sales.
  • Demonstrations: People love to see how things work, especially if they are really in the market to buy. Your trade show display can also be used for demonstrations to take advantage of people’s innate curiosity and is another avenue for adding to your potential client list. You could also incorporate comparisons of products into your display to show potential customers how they may be saving money if they choose your business over a competitor.
  • Guidance: Many people go to trade shows for guidance and to discover what products and services are available for their particular needs. If you have information on your table top display that will not only show them what you offer, as well as pricing for different options, you will increase their knowledge of the possibilities. In this way, they can also see the benefits of your products or services over others. Consider including a bulleted list of reasons why they should choose your business. Here’s a definite must-have: A person with in-depth knowledge of your business should be in the space at all times. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to gain a new client because there is no one, or someone that doesn’t have all the answers, in your booth.
  • Point of Purchase Display: Using a POP (Point of Purchase) Display is a great way to increase sales at trade shows. Your table top display is a great area to incorporate this type of sale. You can include information about your product, and next to that, offer products for sample or sale. Customers like information and are sometimes quick to purchase when they see the product readily available right there, especially if it’s listed at a “special discounted one-day only” price point.
  • Career Fairs: Another way to use your table top displays, depending on your needs, is to utilize them at career fairs. Not only is this good advertising, it will also help other potential business owners get a look at how they may be able to succeed in business for themselves. If you are hiring, all the better. You will want to make sure you offer information about your business, including having a career in your area of the business world.

There are many different ways you can use trade show table top displays. Take advantage of each one as you have the opportunity. It will not only be good for your business, but can also help to inspire other good trade show and table top display ideas.

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