How do you make the biggest impact on a trade show floor? It’s not just about flashy tech or expensive giveaways. It’s really about creating an experience for the participants that makes your brand engaging and memorable. Consistent repetition of color and logo can help create that experience.

A consistent trade show display where all the elements work together to project an image and a brand will maximize the impact you have on the floor and impress passing participants. All the elements of your booth display need to work together to get that consistent look and your table cover is the natural place to start.

Designing and creating a custom display starts right on top of the table with trade show table covers. Use every inch to represent your brand. The table is usually the main working surface of a display and it represents a large amount of “real estate” within your booth. It serves as a launching pad, as well as a serviceable surface. Cover the legs of the table and it becomes a storage unit for the less attractive items your need to stash away, too. A table can be both a workhorse and a show pony for your brand image if you dress it right.

Your brand is more than just your logo, although that’s a good place to start! It’s also the energy and the feeling that your brand evokes. Color is one of the most important ways to capture the energy and emotions that you want your brand to encompass.

Color-coordinating your elements will help you capture your brand’s energy. Color, especially in large blocks, heightens your display’s visibility and makes it more recognizable from up close or far away. Think of Coca-Cola’s trademark shade of red and how the company has incorporated it onto nearly everything it’s ever touched. What big box hardware store uses a particular hue of orange? Home Depot’s consistent reinforcement of color is part of its brand and corporate identity.

Project your brand identity by coordinating your printed table covers with your logo colors. Custom printed table covers aren’t expensive and they are the start of a bold and consistent display. You can opt for traditional fabric table covers or choose one of the newest table cover options – custom fitted trade show table covers. These sleek and modern covers stretch over frame or table without any extra bulk and can be printed with the logos or images of your choice.

The table cover isn’t the only place to incorporate your brand’s colors. You can add a pop of color to the headlines on your display boards, too. Table runners and floor coverings can get updated with color as well. (Be careful not to overuse a shade, however. The eye needs a place to rest from vivid shades so incorporate a neutral shade to complement your logo color.)

Continue to reinforce your brand identity with custom printing in addition to a custom color. Trade show table runners and drapes can all easily be printed with your company name or logo. Custom printing sounds expensive but it’s surprisingly affordable to put your own graphics on the elements of your display.

Take advantage of the larger surfaces that tables offer to proudly display your logo. You can repeat it on trade show table covers, table runners, display boards, staff uniforms, and printed materials. Repetition of your logo will help create the consistent look you need to drive your brand’s identity home with trade show participants.

Your trade show booth shouldn’t be a passive experience for participants. It should be an interesting, informative and memorable experience. Engage them with color, impress your identity with a repeated logo, and engage their imagination with your content. That’s how you can make a big impression in a small trade show booth.