If you want your table top exhibit to stand out at a trade show, you need eye-catching trade show table cloths that will promote your brand and attract visitors. There are several styles of exhibit table cloths on the market, so you have a number of options to give your table a more polished look and make your space stand out at the exhibit hall.

Why Trade Show Table Cloths Matter

First, let’s talk about why trade show table cloths even matter at a trade show. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it can actually play a larger than expected role in your company’s success at a trade show. Imagine if you went to a trade show, and all the exhibitors just had a plain table. It might be hard to distinguish one booth from another, right? This is exactly why your company needs unique trade show table cloths for your table top exhibit – you want your company and its unique assets to be noticed and easily recognized by trade show attendees.

Besides being noticed, however, having nice imprinted table covers just gives your booth space a more professional look. At a basic level, logo table covers are just more visually appealing. At a trade show, this is highly important, as attendees are much more likely to visit booths that they find aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, table cloths will hide anything you don’t want people to see, like a scratched table surface or power cords or your staffers’ legs peeking out from under the table. You can even order table cloths that come with special areas for stashing extra supplies and materials.

Trade Show Table Cloths Options

Now that we’ve established why trade show table cloths are so important, let’s go over a few of the different options on the market. Custom covers are arguably the best way to promote your company when you’re doing a table top exhibit. A custom table cover allows you to put your branding information in plain sight for trade show attendees, so they can read your company name and other essential information even if they’re not at your booth. With a custom cover, you can add an imprinted logo, web address, or other custom graphics to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Custom covers will set you back a bit more than plain covers, but they are a superior choice. Pro tip: If you do opt for a custom table cover, keep the graphics clean and simple so your table doesn’t look cluttered or too busy.

Aside from custom covers, you can also opt for less expensive trade show table cloths that don’t contain any branding information, but still give your space a cleaner look. There are a variety of fabrics to choose from, including vinyl fabric, knit polyester, and nylon, so it’s really up to your personal preference and budget on what material to go with.

In addition to varying materials, full color tradeshow table covers also come in different styles. Fitted table covers, along with stretch covers, conform to your table’s shape with no loose fabric. Throw covers, on the other hand, look more like a standard tablecloth, with the fabric spilling over the sides and draping around the floor. A printed table runner is another option. These are a less expensive option, as they don’t cover the entire table. Rather, runners are placed over a plain table cloth to add contrast and depth. Table skirts that use elastic to attach to the table and leave the surface free are yet another possibility.

If you’re getting ready to exhibit at your first trade show and plan on having a table in your space, it is vital that you dress it up with a cover. Not only will your space look polished and more inviting, you’ll also be more likely to attract potential new customers.