When you select custom table runners, you depend on their ability to display true, vibrant colors and depict your logo, slogan, and/or key images accurately – and optimally – to your audience. This is where a technique called dye sublimation printing comes in (or comes to the rescue!). When you opt for runners printed with this method, you will get the long-lasting quality and value you need. What exactly is dye sublimation – and how does it enhance your table cover products?

A Look at Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation (or dye sub) is a printing process in which dye is transferred to polyester or polyester-coated fabrics with heat. First, the desired image is printed (in reverse) on special coated transfer paper.

Then the image is applied to the fabric and exposed to intense heat and pressure. This transforms the solid ink into a gas. It permeates the fabric, and the dye bonds with the polyester fibers. The higher the polyester levels, the better the bond. The end result is crisp, bright images that are both well-defined and durable.

Dye sublimation has been used for over a decade and is incredibly popular on the trade show circuit. Next time you attend an industry event, take a look around. Many, if not most, of the custom table runners, table clothes, and banners are created using dye sub.

Now that you know how your logo or other branding elements will end up beautifully printed onto polyester custom table runners, let’s delve into the benefits.

  • Excellent Visual Results. We mentioned that this technique allows for bright, crisp color. Colors do not bleed into one another or “go outside the lines,” so to speak. This is critical in creating a polished, professional image (both the actual image on the table runner and the image of your brand). In addition, because the dye is bonded with the fabric, it will not chip off or flake.
  • You are able to print full color images. Whether you want a simple logo or an action shot printed from a photograph, dye sub will recreate the image clearly.
  • Color options are virtually endless. Dye sub can produce thousands of different colors, and the cost to print is not extraneous. That is, you’re likely not charged more for magenta than for red. Both are easy to create.
  • You can mass-produce table runners – or not. Often, custom items, such as t-shirts, require a minimum order. It’s unlikely that you’ll need 1,000 runners! Ordering 1 is possible at no extra charge.
  • Dye sub is quick. Turn around and lead times are virtually nonexistent. Ok, you will have to plan a few days ahead! Once a design is submitted and approved, often dye sub runners can be completed within 1 to 3 days. While you likely plan far in advance for trade shows and other big events, this is a great feature if you need to make an unexpected appearance or if you need to replace another runner quickly and conveniently.
  • The quality is excellent. Some printing methods use half-dots. Your image will essentially look pixelated. Imagine looking at a newspaper photograph close up. With dye sub, because the ink is gaseous, it does not create a dot pattern. This ensures your images will look great at a distance –and under the close scrutiny of your audience!

When choosing your imprinted table runners, make sure it uses dye sublimation printing. You’ll receive superior, and long-lasting, quality that will create a compelling brand image.