Few brands have the luxury of sky-is-the-limit budgets. Most often, advertisers and marketers have to account for and justify every cent. When you invest in custom table runners for your trade show appearance, it’s easy to do. For approximately $100, or even less, brands have an eye-catching asset that will help them stand out from the competition and reach their audience. But as useful as these are in trade show settings, table runners extend your return on investment when you utilize them in different settings as well.

A few options for getting the most use from your “trade show” table runners – and getting the most bang for your marketing buck follow.

Promotional Appearances. Whether you are at an industry conference, a product launch, or a contest or giveaway, these table runners can help you achieve your goals and objectives: stand out, build brand recognition, engage your audience, and appeal to new demographics.

Whenever you can disseminate your unique brand identity (which includes your logo, slogan, or a distinctive image or phrase), you create greater awareness and a higher comfort-level among your audience. They will be more likely to seek you out again online or off.

Community Events. When you are involved in community events, such as charity runs, fundraisers, festivals, or celebrations, you can announce your support with imprinted table runners. No, you are not trying to “sell” anything; you are indicating that you are part of the community.

In a world that is becoming much more socially-conscious, corporate social responsibility isn’t just a marketing ploy. It’s necessary – and it needs to be authentic. Show up and support your community! (At the same time, let them know who you are!)

Lobby Displays. Use your table runners between events as an attractive, and effective, display in your lobby or offices. You can set up brand literature, display products, or open a guest book. Remember, opportunities to display your logo, slogan, or unique identity should be seized.

Banquets or Employee/Customer Appreciation Events. Hosting these events can help you build goodwill with your customers and/or employees, and again, it shows that you care about being part of a community. At a banquet, set up a table with brand literature, favors, name stickers, a registration station – or better yet, hors d’oeuvres. (Make sure you’re using your spill-proof polyester runner for those occasions!)

Wall Hangings. If you don’t want to clutter a room with more furniture, table runners are still a useful item. Hang them up. Their design will still catch eyes – and you can position them at optimal heights.

Note: This is a great idea for custom table runners that are created for personal parties and events. For example, chances are a bride and groom won’t reuse their custom wedding table runners (unless, perhaps, they hold an anniversary party or renew their vows). But they can hang a runner as a memento of their special day.

To make sure that your custom table runners serve you throughout all of these different events, and still look as great as they did day 1, remember to clean them after use (look at the care instructions first) and carefully fold them and store them in a cloth carrying case. This will protect them from damage – and ensure that they are packed and ready to go to the next venue to wow your audience all over again.

You depend on a healthy return on investment from all of your assets; trade show table runners deliver – far beyond the trade show – time after time.