Custom table runners can help you make a big impact at your next event, whether a trade show, community event, farmers’ market, or wedding. (Yes, they are that versatile; they make themselves useful, and indispensable, virtually anywhere). They can help you – but how do you ensure that they will and do help you accomplish your goals and objectives at your next event? With select design tips. Read on to see how to make your runner – and your brand – stand out.

Keep It Simple

In busy, crowded, chaotic venues, the single most important tip to keep in mind is to keep it simple. Keep it clean and uncluttered. Limit visual elements to the most critical: your logo, a short, snappy slogan, a distinctive image, or your brand name (or, if the banner is to be used at a wedding or party, for example, limit it to the names of the guests of honor).

Overloading the runner with images or text also serves to overload the minds of attendees. When confronted with too much “noise,” they will tune you out. It’s often a great idea to work with a graphic designer or get the input of several sets of eyes before settling on a design. In any case, remember: Keep it simple.

Use Your Company Logo

The goals of virtually any event are to reach your audience effectively and to build brand recognition. A powerful presence is an asset that you can leverage long after the trade show, festival, or promotional appearance is over.

It is difficult to achieve those objectives if people don’t know who you are! It sounds obvious, but so often brands think they have to reinvent the wheel; come up with an “innovative” (read: crazy!) idea to stand out. In reality, their brand logo is the single best way to make an impact. Include it on your custom table runners, and make sure it is printed on every other brand asset (including business cards, literature, merchandise, signage, and advertisements). This allows you to build a unified, distinctive, and recognizable image.

Use Bold, Distinctive Colors. From a design standpoint, it is often best to limit your color choices to avoid overwhelming attendees. But, as always, it depends on your specific goals and objectives. Bold choices, like red, can catch attention – or elicit negative emotion if not balanced with positive messaging. Subdued hues, like green, blue, and brown, can calm and soothe – or slip past attendees’ attention without a compelling call to action.

The question is: what do you want your audience to see and feel, and how can you best accomplish that? Typically, the advice from above applies: keep color choices simple and clean.

Use with Contrasting Table Cloth. To make a big statement, use a contrasting table cloth to highlight your imprinted table runners and ensure it stands out to attendees. For instance, if you opt for a white runner, set it off with a black table cloth for dramatic effect.

Another route that can be equally effective is to choose a complimenting table cloth. Say your white runner has bold blue lettering; match the shade of blue for the table cloth. It contrasts the white beautifully and pulls together a cohesive look by reflecting the blue.

It’s also a great idea to coordinate with your other trade show assets, such as flooring, banner stands, furniture, literature racks. Don’t “match” everything, but do tie everything together with touches of your selected colors.

With the right design, custom table runners can help you make a statement at your next event. By implementing these tips, especially keep it simple, you will not go wrong.