You participate in a trade show to reach people and make an impact. You make an investment of time as well as funds to set up a display and work the show. That effort needs to pay off and in order to do that you must make the most of every inch of space in your display. The details will make the difference in the return on your investment.

The small details of your display are what brings the look together and sets it apart from the rows and rows of other displays. Missing a detail like the table cloth or table skirting can throw off even the best-planned design. Every item in your booth or on your table should reinforce your image, your message and your brand.

One of the most visible places to reinforce your brand and image is on the top and front of the table. Advances in printing and fabrics make creating beautiful custom trade show table covers easy. There are plenty of choices in colors, textures and fabrics to make your table stand out from all the rest.

While many trade show participants have chosen to go without a table at all, this is often an impractical choice. A well-dressed table is the perfect spot to hold printed materials, samples, handouts or business cards. When using a table of any size, a table cover is a necessity. A bare table is simply unacceptable in terms of trade show exhibits.

The table top represents a lot of your display’s square footage. That is valuable trade show real estate! Use that space to your best advantage with a custom printed tablecloth or drape. Your logo will be front-and-center with a custom printed cover, just where you want it. Your logo colors and images will stand out, even from across a large hall.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to printed table covers. The traditional look often features a gathered skirt with a cloth or table throw to cover the top. These are great for hiding boxes or stacks of printed materials under the table, as well as presenting your custom-printed logos and colors. Polyester knits and nylons are often used in these materials.

One of the benefits to the traditional approach is that the materials are durable and easy to customize. They usually travel well, last a long time, and are resistant to stains and discoloration if kept out of direct sunlight. One of the disadvantages is that to look their best, they typically need to be pressed or steamed to remove wrinkles. They can also be a little heavy to transport and somewhat bulky on the table.

Technological innovations have reached nearly every facet of the modern world and the world of trade show displays is no different. Innovations in display tech abound and the latest upgrade in fabrics has reached table covers. The latest thing in tradeshow table covers is stretch.

Stretch fabrics containing Lycra and spandex have infiltrated fashion and they’ve taken over trade show displays. A custom-printed swath of fabric is cut to fit snugly over a frame so that the effect is a single unit bearing your brand image rather than a covered table.

This new look is lightweight and travels exceptionally well. Since the fabric stretches tautly over the frame, it doesn’t usually need to be pressed or steamed. It also looks more modern and high-tech so this approach will represent your brand well. People venturing into your display space won’t have to worry about tripping on folds of fabric either.

Take advantage of all that booth real estate to reinforce your brand. Utilize custom trade show table covers to give your display a modern and consistent look from top to bottom.