Brand awareness is a basic principle of marketing. It’s not a gimmick and it’s not a con. Building brand awareness is bringing the unique identity of your company, product or service to the public in a way that will make a mark on their memories. It’s a connection between you and your customer. A trade show is an integral touch-point for creating and reinforcing that connection.

People tend to buy what they recognize, know and trust. Brand awareness is the beginning of that process. It is the introduction, the first meeting between you and your potential customer. From there, you can develop a relationship that leads to consumer trust and the “holy grail” of marketing – brand loyalty. All this can begin at a trade show and your custom printed table runners play an essential part in building your brand.

Use Table Runners at Trade Shows

At trade shows, you are coming into one-on-one contact with people. It’s like a first date or a job interview – a chance to make a first impression. And just like on a first date or interview, you want to project the best image and make the best impression that you can.

In order to make that critical first impression, you have to create a consistent, repeatable image. Your logo, company colors, fonts, images and graphics should all be consistent from the backdrops to the table runners. You should never put different fonts on different elements or vary the shade of your signature color.

Custom items for your trade show display will go a long way towards crafting that consistent image that you want to create. A custom printed tablecloth or color-matched table skirting is an easy, cost-conscious and effective way to bring your logo to the front and center of your display and repeat the brand image. Consistent repetition helps create brand awareness and loyalty.

In terms of size and space, trade show booths are typically not large affairs. Even a “big” booth is limited in usable square feet and display area. Product samples will take up space, as well as your staff, and you need sufficient room for potential customers to enter the area, too. Your table tops are one of the largest surfaces you will have in your display.

Utilize all of the available space within your trade show booth. Every inch is precious because it’s another inch where you can build your brand. A consistent presentation starts on the largest surfaces and spreads to the small details.

Use Table Runners to Display Your Company Logo

Custom table throws, trade show table covers,  table drapes and table skirts are a good starting point for creating your display. Start with the color. Your logo colors should be consistent from one display item to the next. Purchasing a custom set isn’t as expensive as you might think. It’s also a far more professional look than trying to put together what you can from “off the rack” sources like retail stores. The color will be right and the look will be right, too.

Once the color is set, custom printing is the next step. Here are a few principles to keep in mind when having your table runners and other custom fabrics created.

Legible fonts. They should be clear and readable at a large distance. Use a bold and simple typeface that can be seen across a large room.

  • Simple graphics. Tiny details don’t read well in the cluttered visual space of a trade show. Keep your graphics streamlined.
  • Clear messages. Participants will give you about 3-5 seconds worth of reading before moving on to the next display. Put a clear, concise message on your printed table throw.
  • Repeat. Repeat your logo and brand colors on the varying elements of your display so that your visuals are consistent.

Building brand awareness starts with that first impression. Put your best foot forward at your next trade show with table runners and covers that will help you build brand awareness and loyalty.