Go to any trade show and you’ll see a huge variety of exhibits and booth spaces, each with their own unique setup. Whether they’ve got a large modular exhibit or a small table top display, there’s one thing that successful trade show exhibitors know – promoting their brand is one of the main components in drawing in prospective customers. Large scale graphics, banners, and giveaways are a few ways to do this, but even taking simple steps – such as investing in a custom table cover – can help determine success at the convention hall.

What is a custom printed table cover?

A custom printed table cover takes your tablecloth game to a whole new level. With a custom cover, you can add graphics, your business name and logo, and even your web address if you like. Custom trade show table covers come in all styles and materials, so you can mix and match however you like. You can choose from nylon, polyester, or even vinyl. You can also select the style, which ranges from form-fitting stretch and fitted covers to the more flow-y throws, drape covers and table skirts. You can even custom print on the smaller table runners, which can then be placed over a solid-color table cover for added contrast. For the eco-friendly business owner, consider investing in a green custom cover, which is made from natural materials and uses ink and printing processes that are less harmful to the environment.

Is a custom table cover even that important?

To put it simply, yes, custom trade show table covers are that important. To anyone not familiar with trade shows and how they operate, they may think a table cover isn’t that big a deal. The truth is, however, is that using  trade show table cloths can actually make or break your exhibit, and for a few reasons. First, using a table cover of any type makes your exhibit space more attractive and inviting. Table covers are nicer to look at than plain table tops, and they help give your booth a more polished and professional look. Second, if you don’t have table cloths, you’re much more indistinguishable in the crowd – unless, of course, you’re the only exhibit there with no cover. Then you’ll be known as “that booth with no tablecloth,” which attendees will undoubtedly gossip about in hushed tones. To reiterate, yes, trade show table covers are that important.

What is the primary advantage of using a custom printed table cover?

Aside from being easier on the eyes, there’s one other main advantage in using a custom printed table cover versus a plain one. You’ll be more noticeable in a crowd, as discussed previously, but it also gives you another way to promote your business. A tablecloth with logo provides yet another layer within your exhibit that contains your company’s vital information. When people are visiting your booth, they’re surrounded by your branding info. This is a good thing, because people will walk away and be more likely to remember you.

If you’re going to make the financial and time commitment that comes with exhibiting at a trade show, don’t neglect this basic element of making your booth stand out. A nice table cover is a must, but a custom printed one that contains your logo and other branding information will up your game even more. Remember, trade show attendees are there because they want to be. They want to know more about your company, so help them as much as possible by covering all your bases – including investing in a quality custom table cloth.