Tradeshow table covers are one of the primary building blocks for creating a memorable booth or display. Putting your custom colors and logos on the large working surfaces is a smart way to utilize every valuable square inch of your display space. Logo table covers can create a display that builds your brand and creates a buzz for your product or service.

Since promotional tradeshow table covers are so important to a display, they garner a lot of opinions. Ask anyone who has tried to build a trade show display from scratch. He’ll tell you that opinions abound and misinformation is as widespread as solid facts. In the midst of all this distortion, how do you know what’s fact and what is myth?

The following are a few of the most prevalent myths about trade show table covers. Do your own research and make sure you have all the facts when you are building your display.

Full color printing is more expensive than screen printing

Well, this one at least used to be true. There was a time when full color printing was quite a bit more expensive that screen printing. Screen printing was the “quick and dirty” version and usually only employed a single hue applied to the fabric. Full color used layers of color to give a range of hues.

These days, advances in technology have made all kinds of printing much faster and easier. There isn’t a huge price variation anymore. You can get full color printing, which delivers a much bigger punch, on just about any budget.

 All tradeshow table covers must be dry cleaned

Technology has invaded fabrics just like it has taken over nearly every other aspect of our lives. We are no longer bound by the materials and fabrication methods of previous generations in fashion or in trade show fabrics.

In another time, table runners for trade show booths and table skirts would have been made of heavy, thick wools or polyesters. Wool is no friend to water and a hot dryer would destroy old polyesters, leaving slick, melted spots. Dry cleaning was the only way to remove stains and refresh the fabrics.

Take a look at your wardrobe and see how many tags say “Dry clean only.” Not many, right? Fabrics have changed and so have fabric table covers. Most are completely machine washable just like your clothes. Stretch table covers have far less bulk and easily fit into standard machines unlike the bulky old-school pleated skirts and drapes. Read a few tags and see how simple the upkeep can be.

 You need to buy multiple table covers for various trade shows

There’s nothing wrong with customizing your look for a particular show, especially if it’s one of the biggest or most important shows for your industry. However, it’s not necessary to have a new tradeshow table cover created for every show if you don’t have the budget for it.

A well-planned display is built with flexibility in mind. You might not get the exact same size or configuration of space at every show so you need the ability to adapt. Try getting a few high-quality basics like solid table covers and skirts or custom fitted stretch covers and adding a few custom pieces. You can add smaller, less expensive table runners to give your booth a “just for this show” feeling.

 Screen printing lasts longer than dye sublimation

Think about your favorite concert tee from your teen years. It was probably screen printed. How long did it last before it started to crack, peel or fade? This is yet another myth to avoid.

Screen printing leaves the printed material on the surface of the fabric just like on your old t-shirt. Dye sublimation (or dye sub) actually dyes the fabric all the way through. Screen printing inks have improved greatly over the years and have much more flexibility and durability but dye sub will still last longer.

 You always need high res artwork to custom print

The resolution of your artwork shouldn’t be an issue for a skilled designer and printer. Graphics software can recreate your lower res graphics and logos into vector formats, the optimal format for printing. You just need to hire the right company that stays up to date.

Read up on custom tradeshow table covers and find the facts. You‘ll have a new outlook on table covers just in time for your next trade show.