A top-notch popup display can make or break a company’s time at a trade show. You need a display that draws consumers in and makes them want to stay and learn more about your company’s products or services, but creating this isn’t done overnight. There are some steps that must be taken to design outstanding exhibit displays, and here are a few tips to get you started.

Invest in a quality popup display

High quality popup displays will set you back a little more than a lesser version, but the end result is worth it. Opting for a long-lasting, durable booth will look better on the trade show floor, and you’ll spend less time and money in the long run with repairs or replacements. Plus, going with a high quality frame will greatly reduce your chances of it incurring damage, such as bending or dents, which will negatively alter the appearance of your graphics. Just one little ding can throw off an entire graphic panel, and this can reflect poorly on your company. Instead of people remembering the stellar graphics at your booth, they’ll be reminded of how the text didn’t line up properly or how skewed the images were.

Graphics rule

Guess what brings people to your booth? Not your dazzling smile – though that certainly helps – but rather, it’s your graphics that will draw people in. Trade shows are visual affairs, so creating eye-catching graphics for your popup display will catch the attention of consumers. Don’t be afraid to use color, but keep the overall graphic clean and simple. Be sparing with the text, as too much wordage can make the graphic appear cluttered. Let your images speak for themselves, and then you can supply the necessary information.

Don’t forget the lighting

Exhibit halls are like fitting rooms – they’re notorious for their bad lighting. That’s why it’s up to you as the exhibitor to make sure that the lighting in and around your popup display is sufficient. Your popup display may or may not come with lighting devices, but even if it does, it probably won’t hurt to add some additional pieces. You want your booth to be well-lit and inviting for consumers, so let your light shine.