Trade shows present a wealth of opportunities to brands: the chance to engage with their target audience, to generate leads, and to close sales. But they can also be intimidating, particularly if it is your first appearance. Not to worry: a pop up display system can help you achieve your goals and stand out from the pack. Why make this a central component of your first exhibition stand experience?

Pop Up Displays for Trade Shows

Pop up displays are tailor-made for trade shows, industry events, conventions, and more. They are:

  • Affordable. Participating in a trade show can be expensive. The bigger the show, the bigger the opportunity – and the bigger the entrance fee! In addition, other assets, like printed brochures, technology, and merchandise add to the cost. These pop up trade show displays, though, are incredibly cost-effective. With a low upfront price, usually under a few hundred dollars, they allow even smaller or infrequent exhibitors to create customized messages that resonate with their audiences.
  • Easy to transport. A smaller, lightweight pop up display can be slipped into a carrying case and checked on a plane. You can also take it with you in the car. This saves on transport and shipping fees, and it increases peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about damage during transport.
  • Easy to use. Setting up for an exhibit can be stressful. A pop up display makes it more streamlined. Simply pop the frame together and attach the graphic panels. It couldn’t be easier, or quicker. This also adds to the affordability – you don’t need to hire extra people to help you set up, and your brand ambassadors don’t have to waste time they could be using for other preparations.
  • Flexible and convenient. If you plan to attend different trade shows or industry events, you can easily bring your pop up display to each one and change it to meet new campaign goals and needs. If, for instance, you want to highlight a seasonal product or event, simply change the graphic panels. It costs very little and produces a significant return on your investment.
  • Effective. Event attendees are bombarded by ads and marketing materials. A high-quality pop up trade show display stands out. It catches your audience’s eye and keeps their attention. Use them to direct interested parties to your booth, provide essential product/service information, or display your brand logo.
  • Versatile. Exhibit displays can be used for far more than trade shows. Using them in other places increases the value to brands and stretches their marketing dollars further. Put them in your lobby, windows, on sidewalks, and other locations to attract attention. You can also use multiple displays to create murals or other interesting interactive displays.

A pop up display also works both actively and passively. What do we mean? You can refer to it and use it as part of your sales presentations or product demonstrations. You can also let it do the work for you. Once set up, it attracts attention, directs interested consumers to your exhibit space, and conveys valuable brand information and messaging.

Your first exhibition stand or trade show experience is bound to be nerve-wracking! It can be stressful, especially in the midst of a loud, crowded, chaotic convention center. The right pop up display, though, takes a lot of the worry out of setting up, communicating with your audience, and achieving your goals.