Being “green” has been a buzzword for years now, and it’s used when discussing everything from vehicles to baby clothes. But did you know that you can also go green when exhibiting at trade shows? That’s right, environmentally friendly pop up display booths have arrived. These green displays are relatively new to the market, but their popularity is increasing as people are seeing the value of these pop up displays, for both the planet AND their bottom line.

What are “green” pop up display booths?

Green pop up displays are virtually identical to traditional pop ups, except for the materials used to construct them. Like traditional displays, these eco-friendly booths offer companies the opportunity to showcase their products and services at trade shows using gorgeous graphic panels, reception areas and more. The key difference lies in the green materials that are used to make the display. Traditional pop ups may contain materials that can take hundreds of years to break down, while manufacturers of green displays, including pull up banners, trade show banner stands, pop up displays, and retractable roll up banners, rely on natural or recycled resources. Additionally, ink and printing processes used in making traditional booths can release dangerous toxins into the atmosphere. With an eco-friendly pop up, these elements are also given the green treatment to reduce harmful impacts.

What are some of the features of a “green” pop up?

The features of a green pop up are the same as what you would find with a traditional pop up. The display consists of a frame and cross bars, along with tension fabric for displaying graphics. Frames are often constructed of lightweight, recycled aluminum, while fabric panels are frequently made from cotton or bamboo. Another eco-friendly feature can be found in the lighting, where long-lasting LED bulbs are used in place of florescent or incandescent bulbs to save energy. All of these come together to create a high quality and visually appealing display unit that results in a carbon footprint that can be up to 80 percent less than traditional pop up display booths.

What are the benefits of using a “green” display?

Opting to purchase a green pop up display comes with a number of benefits. Obviously, going the green route means less harm to the environment, which is always a good thing. And then there’s the good feeling you get when you know you’ve done something right for the planet. But these aren’t the only benefits; your bottom line will also look a little better after purchasing a green pop up display booth because these are often less expensive than their traditional counterparts. The materials used to create green popup displays can be cheaper than the standard materials, meaning there is less cost to you as the buyer. With this savings, you can focus more on creating a bigger impact at the trade shows you attend, by adding more features to your booth or investing in more frequent updates to your graphic displays.

Investing in a green pop up exhibit isn’t something that everyone does – but it is something that can result in a number of positive impacts. Both the Earth and your bank account will thank you for going green, and these eco-friendly display booths also go over well with consumers, who now more than ever applaud companies who have a strong commitment to the environment.