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Panel Displays

Panel displays have been around the trade show industry for decades. You’ll see them not only at trade shows but in conventions, science fairs, offices, schools and colleges. These displays are well liked by exhibitors because of their ease of use and versatility. They can be used in a traditional way to display company and product information or as dividers within your display or used as supporting mediums for displaying your marketing message.

Most folding panel displays are constructed of lightweight material and covered in Velcro-receptive fabric. They are robust and can be set up by one person in a matter of minutes. These folding panel displays fold conveniently into small sections and are stored in a carry case for easy transport. These cases can fit in the luggage space of a car or be transported as luggage on a plane. Panel displays are modular and can be easily upgraded with accessories such as lighting, hangar bars, shelves and storage drawers. Panel displays today are lightweight, portable and affordable. Panels can be added in order to extend your display to meet your space requirements.

There are two basic type of panel displays: floor standing and table top.

Floor standing panel displays can be grouped into 4 broad categories: folding panel displays, pole panel displays, Multi-Quad panel systems, LITE pane displays.

Folding Panel Displays

These are the traditional panel displays that have been the work horse of the trade show industry. These displays provide style and sophistication to any project. They are simple to set up and very durable, looking great year after year. They fold up quickly and are easy to transport in their carrying case.

Pole Panel Systems

Pole panels use the same type of panels as the folding panel displays but they are connected to poles. This allows greater flexibility in how the pole panel display is configured. Supporting poles allow the display to be raised or lowered and to arrange the panels into different shapes.

Multi-Quad Panel Systems

These panel systems offer one of the most unique presentations of all display systems. Multi-Quad panels consist of a multi-boxed 3 dimensional frame. Graphic panels with magnetic backing are arranged within the box frames. This allows for endless graphic configurations. These systems are highly portable and inexpensive to upgrade or swap out the graphics.

LITE Panel Displays

LITE Panel systems are relatively new to the display industry. They are constructed of lightweight, durable plastic panels that are connected to nodes. LITE panels, using these nodes, can be connected in a multitude of different ways resulting in creative configurations in a variety of shapes, from towers to walls. These panels are also popular because of their light weight and the ease of assembling and disassembling.

The other type of panel displays are the tabletop panel displays. Table top displays are just smaller versions of the floor standing folding panel displays but sit on a table. Table top displays combined with a coordinated table cover and table runner offer a very professional presentation for tradeshows, corporate functions, science fairs and promotional events.

There are many types of uses for panel displays making them a very important marketing medium to have as part of your branding efforts at your next trade show. They can be used as walls or barriers to divide up your display space. They can be used as information call-outs. They contain highlights about your company and products. They can also be used to merchandise products. They can be upgraded with shelves, counters and storage cabinets. And lastly, they can be used for presentations.

Whatever type of trade show display space you have, a panel display is easy to integrate. These are highly effective in imparting the right marketing message to those who visit your booth.