Panel displays can be found at virtually any trade show, largely because this is one of the most basic methods for delivering information. A panel display is exactly what it sounds like – a panel that displays information about your company. Read on for more information about this display type and how you can use them at your next exhibition.

There are two main types of trade show panel displays: table top and floor standing. Table top displays are typically smaller in size, as they’re designed to sit on a table in your booth space. These usually contain more detailed information about your company, such as product highlights or your business objectives. Floor standing panels, on the other hand, are generally larger, often acting as walls or barriers to separate your exhibit space from others. These panel displays serve as the attention-grabbing element of your display, so they may have some of the more basic information, like your name and logo, or maybe a striking image to catch the eye of passersby.

Both types of panels can be customized however you like. There are several types and sizes to choose from, including single and multi-panel displays that range widely in size and shape. You also choose the colors and graphics to include on your folding panel displays, allowing you total creativity in designing a display that most accurately reflects your company.

These displays are extremely popular among exhibitors, and part of the reason for this is their versatility. Panels can be configured in different ways, used as walls or lined up to create walkways for your visitors. You can also use them to provide supporting information during presentations about your products or services.

Whatever type of exhibit you have, a panel display is easy to incorporate. These are highly effective in imparting information to your booth visitors, and you can even upgrade them with additional features, such as shelves or storage counters.

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