Are you in the market for a floor-standing panel display for exhibiting at a trade show? If you are and you’ve already been doing some research, you may have noticed there are a few types of these trade show panel displays to choose from. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by all the choices, though. Here’s a breakdown of the four main floor-standing units on the market today:

Folding display systems – Folding panel displays are the tried and true classic when it comes to panel displays. These are fairly basic in structure, but they still provide an effective means for making your space unique and getting your brand out there. Folding displays are fairly lightweight and portable, as they fold onto themselves – hence the name – for ease of movement and set up.

Pole panel systems – Pole panel displays allow for a bit more flexibility in a trade show booth than the folding displays. Rather than a singular unit, these come with separate panels that are connected by poles and fasteners. They are typically larger in size, featuring multiple panels. The poles also allow for different configurations, and you can even stagger panels at different heights to create a more unique look.

Multi-quad panel systems – Multi-quad units are completely different animals when it comes to trade show panel displays. These consist of an aluminum frame with box-like sections that house your graphics. The graphics are attached using magnetic or Velcro strips, so they can be easily changed out between or even during business conventions.

Lite panel systems – Lite panel displays are relatively new to the market and feature just panels and a node. With these, the entire display can be configured into a variety of shapes, from towers to walls. These units are also extremely lightweight and break down easily for quick transport from venue to venue.

All of these systems allow for total customization, so you can include graphic design elements as well as add-on features.