Veteran trade show exhibitors know that it takes more than just a great product or service to get attendees into their booth. To draw people in, you also need an eye-catching exhibit that people will notice. This means giving your modular exhibit a fully customized look that will set you apart from the other exhibitors and make attendees want to come in and see what you’re all about.

  • Custom graphics – Custom graphics serve two purposes: to make your booth more aesthetically pleasing and to get your branding information out there. With portable modular displays, you can add as much or as little custom graphics as you like, though you might want to take more of a middle ground approach when it comes to adding images and text. You want your exhibit to look clean and professional when it comes to graphics, without overdoing and overwhelming visitors. You can add your logo and other images to fabric panels, table covers, and other items in your modular display, as well as slogans and other bits of info associated with your brand.
  • Accessories and add-ons – Including features in addition to the standard frame and panel set-up of modular display systems can further customize your space. Modular exhibits can be easily upgrades with items like kiosks, tables, shelves, signs, banner stands, and more. Adding in a few of these will up the wow factor of your booth, making it much more attractive to trade show attendees.
  • Lighting – The lighting at convention halls isn’t known for being the most flattering, which is why it is so important for exhibitors to supply their own additional light sources. Just a few strategically placed lamps or other lighting fixtures can help improve the ambiance of your display booth, in addition to giving you a unique look when compared to your competitors.
  • Incorporate electronics – Customize even more by adding in electronic or digital features. Incorporating this kind of technology into your modular exhibits shows visitors that your company is up to date with technological advances and you can use them to your advantage. This may mean designating a specific area of your booth for a slideshow presentation, or having laptops or tablets available for users to explore your company’s products and services on their own.
  • Booth staff – The personnel working your booth play a vital role in making sure that your company’s message is delivered properly. Of course, being friendly and knowledgeable is expected from staff members, but you can also enlist them in furthering your customization efforts. It can be as simple as having everyone wear a shirt with your logo, or you can take it even further by asking them to head up giveaways or other promotions.
  • Custom set-up – Even the way you set up your custom modular exhibit can add to the uniqueness of it. You might find that many of the other exhibitors are setting up their booths a particular way; take note of this and then set yours up differently if the space allows for it. Even a simple change such as this can give you a competitive edge, because visitors will notice it.

Don’t get lost in the crowd at your next trade show. Use these tips to give your modular exhibits a custom look to set you apart from the other exhibitors. Doing this will help your company showcase your products or services more effectively, as well as attract more visitors to your space.