Go to any trade show and you’ll see a variety of exhibit types. From expensive custom built exhibits to basic tabletop booths, there are a number of choices when it comes to designing your own trade show display. Right now, one of the most popular options are trade show modular displays, which offers a versatile and highly transportable method for showcasing your company at trade shows.

What are trade show modular display?

A modular display is basically a cross between a pop-up booth and a traditional frame and panel exhibit. The structure of trade show modular displays is actually quite similar to that of the traditional frame and panel displays; however, modular units are much more lightweight and versatile. These displays consist of several basic pieces that include frames and panels, and you can further customize them with banners, tables, shelves and more.

What materials are used in modular units?

Modular units may offer a lightweight alternative to traditional panel and frame displays, but that doesn’t mean they’re not durable. Most modular displays rely on aluminum or carbon fiber for the framework, while panels are frequently made from sturdy materials such as nylon or polyester. Going green is another option for modular display systems, where recycled or natural materials are used in place of traditional ones.

How are modular exhibit displays different from other exhibit types?

Unlike traditional exhibits, trade show modular displays are highly versatile and adaptable to a variety of trade show formats. They are also around 60 percent lighter than traditional displays, which make them much easier to move from show to show. Another difference is that the pieces with the display can be easily reconfigured to suit specific needs. And while a modular display is similar to a pop-up with their transportable nature, they differ in that they are more complex, more customizable, and often take up more space to give your booth that extra “wow” factor.

What are the benefits of using modular trade show displays?

As discussed previously, modular display systems offer benefits in both versatility and transportability. The displays can be used in a variety of settings, and their lightweight nature makes them easy to move. However, there are other benefits with opting for a modular trade show display. First, these displays are known among trade show regulars as being quite user-friendly. They’re straightforward when it comes to assembly and breaking down, and making changes from one configuration to another is also fairly simple. Trade Show modular displays also offer a very customized look for your business, even though they are pre-fabricated. To the average trade show attendee, your modular display will look absolutely one-of-a-kind, even if you happen to have virtually the same set-up as other exhibitors.

What can I do with a modular display?

With a modular display, the options are basically unlimited. Of course, you can set up your display into any configuration you desire, but you can also customize it completely to suit your needs. Maybe you want to include some add-ons to make your exhibit even more attractive to visitors. You can do this with custom panels, shelving units and additional lighting features. You can even set up the display to include additional spaces for meetings, presentations, and more. Likewise, you can use your modular display to establish traffic flow within your exhibit, creating stations or paths for trade show attendees to visit.

If you’re in search of the perfect exhibit for your company, modular may be the way to go. These displays offer many benefits, and they’re ideal for showcasing your products or services at trade shows.