Custom exhibits were once THE way to go if you wanted to get noticed at a trade show. They were sleek, professional, and best of all, they seemed to attract the most visitors. However, things have changed in recent years, and more and more companies are finding that they can get that sleek and professional look without investing the time and money that custom exhibits require – all thanks to recent improvements to modular displays.

  • User-friendly and transportable – Perhaps the biggest draw of modular displays is how easy they are to assemble, disassemble, and transport from place to place. Modular displays are pre-made and consist of frames, panels, and other lightweight pieces, all of which can easily be moved or shipped to conventions or other events. Once there, it’s simply a matter of piecing together the frames and panels, and then adding any additional shelves, lighting or other pieces in the set.
  • Versatile – Modular exhibits are highly versatile as well and work in virtually any space. Because the sets come in separate pieces, you can configure them to best suit your space and needs. They can also be rearranged for different shows, or to create specific spaces for meetings or presentations. Modular displays can also be set up to define traffic flow within the space, so you can lead visitors through your exhibit however you like. This efficient use of space and overall versatility allows companies to retain their modular trade show displays for a longer period of time than they might with a custom exhibit, which doesn’t allow for easy changes.
  • Fully customizable – Part of the attraction to custom exhibits in the past was that they allowed companies to be totally unique at trade shows, hence the “custom” in the name. Now, however, modular exhibits also offer 100 percent customization. Along with being able to set up the display into practically any configuration, you can customize further with graphics, text and other branding information to make your space uniquely “you.” You can even designate specific areas to highlight particular products or services. Modular trade show displays is essentially built-to-order, with you selecting the pieces that will best reflect your company.
  • Easy to upgrade – Add-ons and upgrades are also easy to do with modular exhibits. Because these displays consist of pre-fabricated pieces, adding or eliminating parts is simple. Think of it as a building block set; it’s no big deal to snap on an extra piece or two. This is another factor in the longevity of modular exhibit displays, because upgrading to suit your company’s changing needs is as easy as contacting the exhibit manufacturer and ordering whatever add-on you like.
  • Cost-effective – Modular displays are also less expensive than custom exhibits, making them a much more economic choice. Because they are made from lightweight materials, they cost less to produce, and are therefore less expensive for companies to purchase. Another factor contributing to their cost-effectiveness is the versatility offered by custom modular exhibits, which means exhibitors spend less money creating their custom looks at trade shows. Whereas a custom display requires great effort and cost to change or upgrade, a modular exhibit does not, saving companies money in the long run.

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why modular exhibits have become such a frequent occurrence at trade shows. Exhibitors have recognized the ease of use and cost savings they’ll get with a modular display, and for many businesses, it just makes more sense than investing in a bulky, expensive custom exhibit.