Deciding what type of display to purchase for use in trade shows isn’t a decision to take lightly. There are a few different options, and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. However, one of the most popular choices, modular trade show displays units, offers a unique set of advantages that can’t be ignored.

  • Easily transported – One of the best features of a modular display unit is how easy it is to move. Modular trade show displays come in several pieces, including frames and panels, that easily break down and can be moved from one place to another. All of these pieces are also lightweight – in fact, modular units can be up to 60 percent lighter than standard frame and panel displays.
  • Cost-effective – The lightweight nature of modular displays also results in a cost reduction to buyers, as compared to traditional frame and panel displays. Modular units rely on less material and are easier to produce, meaning they are a less expensive option for exhibitors.
  • Durability – Modular trade show displays have also proven to be quite durable, even with repeated assembly and disassembly. Frames are typically constructed of aluminum, fiberglass or another sturdy material, while fabric panels are made from heavy duty polyester or nylon. All of these can withstand the test of time and frequent use, making custom modular exhibits a wise investment.
  • Versatility – In addition to their high transportability, trade show modular displays are extremely versatile. These units are pre-fabricated and can be easily configured into whatever arrangement best suits your space and needs at the trade show. This includes setting up specific areas for presentations, meeting, or product displays.
  • Fully customizable – Like other types of displays, modular units are 100 percent customizable. Graphics and other branding information are easily added to panels, and the panels themselves can be moved, mixed and matched for even more customization.
  • Efficient use of spaceModular displays also offer efficient use of space, and this is closely aligned with their versatility. Whether you’ve got a large or small area to showcase your company, you can set up a modular unit to best fill the space. You can also set up your unit to create a traffic flow throughout your exhibit. With some strategically places panels, you can lead visitors through your space however you choose.
  • User-friendly – Ask any exhibitor currently using a modular display, and no doubt they’ll point out how easy the exhibits are to set up and break down. After deciding on the configuration, it’s simply a matter of piecing together the frames, channel bars, panels and any other parts. It’s this sort of user-friendliness that has helped propel modular units into their current level of popularity.
  • Add-ons and upgrades are easy – Modular displays also offer the opportunity for upgrades. Adding additional panels, shelving units, lighting or any other feature is as simple as ordering the additional piece. There’s no need to redo the entire display when upgrading or making changes.
  • Numerous options – The choices are virtually unlimited when it comes to selecting a modular display. From the types of materials used to the final configuration on the trade show floor, you can build a trade show booth that is completely reflective of you. For example, if you’re into the green movement, you can purchase an eco-friendly modular display that relies on recycled and/or natural materials during construction.

There’s a reason why so many companies have switched to modular trade show displays. The benefits associated with these units are numerous, and the customization options in particular are a huge draw for businesses looking to get their brand out and recognized.