Most trade show exhibitors keep informational materials on hand during the show to give to their booth visitors. These usually consist of handouts or brochures that contain more detailed information on specific products or services they offer. But where do they put all this stuff? If they’re an experienced exhibitor, chances are they use literature stands. If you want to look like a seasoned pro at your next exhibit, consider a literature rack as a creative way to display your materials.

Modular stands – Modular stands give you a heavy-duty option for displaying your materials. They can also be adjusted into different configurations, allowing you the flexibility of arranging your brochures and handouts however you like.

Collapsible & fold-up stands – Collapsible and fold-up stands offer another option for creatively exhibiting your paper materials. These portable literature racks come with several, tiered compartments so you can stack your handouts in an eye-catching display. They’re also incredibly convenient, as they are lightweight and easy to move.

Stationary – Stationary stands are another alternative for arranging your handouts in an attractive manner. What these stands lack in flexibility they make up for in style, giving your space a sleek, professional look.

Tabletop stands – These literature racks are smaller in size and are designed for tabletop use. While free-standing racks typically contain a number of compartments for brochures or printouts, tabletop stands are usually limited to just a few. They’re ideal for housing specific information at particular locations in your booth. For example, if you have a space for new customers, you might use a tabletop display containing information specific to new clients. Likewise, tabletop racks are great for featured products or services and their corresponding information.

If you plan on having informational handouts at your trade show exhibit, don’t overlook the importance of using a literature rack. Aside from their professional appearance and convenience in storing your materials, your visitors and staff members will also appreciate the ease with which they can access the information.