Want to know the secret to increasing traffic at your trade show booth? Exposure. You need to be seen if you want people to come by. There are a few ways to build up your visibility at a show, and things like lighting and color play a key role. But there’s something else you can do to really stand out, and it’s actually pretty simple – invest in a hanging sign!

How do signs correlate to traffic?

There is a direct link between hanging banner signs and increased traffic to your booth space. First, these signs boost your visibility exponentially. They’re large, colorful, and they fill in empty vertical space. Second, not every exhibitor uses ceiling hanging signs, so they help set you apart and make you unique from your competitors. Both of these factors combine to pique the interest of attendees, thereby increasing traffic to your exhibit.

 What kinds of signs are available?

There is all manner of hanging signage on the market today. You can keep it simple by adding a few single panel signs, or you can go for something a bit larger, like a ceiling banner that stretches across your exhibit or a 3D design that fills most of your vertical space. It is entirely up to you – and your budget – as to what kind of sign to hang.

Can signs be customized?

Hanging banner signs allow for total customization. Apart from the type of sign you choose, you can also add your custom graphics to make it uniquely yours. Add your company’s signature colors, logo, slogan or other images.

What else do I need to know about signs?

Depending on the type of banner sign you want, you can spend anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. However, this is a one-time expense, and your sign is a solid investment as it should last for years to come. When it comes to hanging the sign, you’ll likely need assistance from the trade show organizers, as it involves suspending them from the ceiling of the convention hall. Be sure to check before each trade show to make sure this is possible.