There are three things you need to be successful at a trade show: exposure, exposure, and more exposure. Your primary goal is to get new customers, but you have to be seen in order to do that. The best way to get noticed is to take advantage of any branding opportunity you can, and this means using ALL of your booth space – even what’s above you.

This is where hanging ceiling signs come into play. By their very nature, hanging signs demand to be noticed. It’s their purpose, after all. At a convention hall, this is even truer, especially for signs suspended from the ceiling. This vertical space is prime real estate for advertising because not a lot of people take advantage of it. This leaves the space practically wide open for you, and putting a few of your hanging ceiling signs up there will grab the attention of passersby both near and far.

In addition to getting the attention of conference-goers, another key reason to use the space above your booth is that it contributes to the aesthetics of your space. Most exhibits feature “wall” displays and floor coverings, but completely ignore the space overhead. This can make a space feel unbalanced or incomplete. Don’t let this happen to your booth – hang a few signs to round out your space!

Finally, hanging ceiling signs allows you to showcase your brand even more. Sure, you’ve got your logo and other branding info on your exhibit, but why not cement it in people’s minds as much as possible? You need to take advantage of EVERY chance to do this, and customized hanging signs offer another outlet for branding. Your signs can include custom graphics, signature colors and any other information that you feel is reflective of your company.

Don’t waste this opportunity to increase your exposure even more. Invest in trade show hanging signs for your space and get the attention your company deserves!