Before you resort to hollering into a megaphone or renting one of those air dancers that car dealerships seem to love, consider another way to get noticed at your next trade show or exhibition. Hanging signs can do the job for you, giving you the extra attention you want at a show without resorting to more extreme options. Sorry, air dancer, but you’re not invited.

Ceiling hanging signs are simple, sleek, and professional, and best of all, they’re a guaranteed way to make you more noticeable at an exhibition. Picture a convention hall during a trade show – everyone crowded together on the floor with all that empty space overhead. Use that space to your advantage! Invest in a few hanging signs and your booth will instantly become a focal point.

By their very nature, hanging display signs demand to be noticed. Besides filling up empty vertical space, they’re also usually large and brightly colored, featuring custom graphics designed to show off your brand. Just adding a few strategically placed hanging signs to your trade show display can give your space a splash of color, help balance it out, AND attract the attention of conference-goers.

These signs can also be used over and over again, increasing traffic to your booth at every trade show you attend. They’re highly portable and relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider the value they add to each and every display.

Signs are also surprisingly versatile. You can play with the height at which they hang, setting them up high so people all the way across the convention hall notice them, or hang them lower to put them at a better vantage point for folks closer to your booth.

How you decide to utilize your signs is completely up to you, but one fact remains the same: when you add hanging signs to your booth, you WILL get noticed.