If you’ve chosen to exhibit at a trade show, it means you’re looking to expand your business. You want to be seen and heard, and you want your trade show experience to generate as many new customers as possible. Obviously, you need an exhibit booth to help you do this, but don’t stop there. You need hanging signs as well. Here’s why:

They scream “Over here! Over here!”

The biggest reason to use hanging display signs is to get people’s attention. You want them in your booth so you can sell your brand, but first you have to get them to notice you. Bright, colorful hanging signs are a definite way to attract the attention of convention attendees and make them curious about what you’ve got going on in your booth.

They add to the overall aesthetics of your space

You’ve got the walls and flooring covered, but what about the vertical space? Don’t neglect the area directly above your booth, as this is prime advertisement space. When people come into your exhibit, you want them to be surrounded by your brand. This doesn’t mean overwhelming people by covering every cubic inch of space with signs and banners, but there’s no sense in leaving the vertical space completely empty either. A few strategically placed ceiling hanging signs can fill in the blanks, giving your display a more balanced look.

Not everyone uses them

Another reason to employ the hanging sign tactic is that not everyone at the event will be using them. While effective in advertising your brand, hanging signs can be pricey and cumbersome to display, so they’re not the go-to option for a lot of exhibitors….which is why it’s a good idea for YOU to use them. Just a few simple signs can go a long way in setting your company apart from the other guys.

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