Seasoned trade show exhibitors know that one of the keys to getting people into their booth is to make their display unique and eye-catching. In a sea of exhibits, yours needs to be noticeable and different. One way to do that is by incorporating tension fabric displays, which will customize your space at trade shows and help you stand out from the crowd.

 What are tension fabric displays?

Tension fabric displays are exactly what they sound like – exhibit displays that consist of high-quality fabric that has been stretched across an aluminum frame for a wrinkle-free presentation. These displays are then printed with the graphics of your choice, often using a dye sublimation technique that results in a high resolution, color-rich image.

What ways can tension fabric be used in my space?

The primary function of tension fabric is to grab the attention of trade show or conference attendees, and there are several ways you can use the fabric to do that. Tension fabric is used with all types of exhibits, including pop ups, modular, and custom displays. Many exhibitors opt to use fabric panels as walls for their exhibit, providing a barrier between their space and their competitors’ areas. Banners, kiosks, and tables can also be spruced up with tension fabric.

What are some of the benefits of tension fabric?

Tension fabric displays add an element of sophistication and professionalism to your exhibit that people will notice. The custom graphics contribute to the aesthetic appeal, and they add to your individuality to set you apart from your competitors. The panels are also very functional in defining your space, and they’re highly transportable and easy to care for as well. Another bonus is that many systems allow for easy panel swaps, so you can change your graphics as needed from show to show or to reflect your company’s changing products and services.

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