Creativity takes center stage at trade shows, where everything from display set-ups to custom graphics gives your company the chance to show off your unique talents. When it comes to exhibit types, however, fabric exhibits offer some of the best opportunity for creativity. Here’s why:

Graphic design

Graphic design is probably the most obvious aspect of creativity in a trade show exhibit. Your business’s graphic designs are the cornerstone of originality, because there’s not going to be anyone else who has the same custom graphics as you. With fabric exhibits, your graphics are custom printed directly on the fabric, with your images and text appearing any way you choose.

Limitless design possibilities

This goes hand in hand with graphic design. The options are virtually unlimited when it comes to how you want to showcase your products or services. Do you want imagery to send your message, or do you want to incorporate text with it as well? Tension fabric exhibits also can be used with any exhibit type, giving you even more possibilities for creativity. Whether you want a wall of graphics (i.e., tension fabric panel) or a splash of color here and there (i.e., banner stands), fabric-based displays are the answer.

Framing and set-up

Fabric exhibits are also advantageous because of all the options they offer when it comes to set up. These units are typically very lightweight and portable, so they’re easy to move anywhere you want them. They can also be arranged into whatever configuration best suits your space, so you can get as creative as you want during set up.


Fabric-based exhibits are also known for their versatility and how easily they can be changed out or upgraded. This is very conducive to creativity because there is always the option of changing out certain graphics for others, or swapping out different panels depending on what you want to focus on during a particular event.

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