Trade Show Graphics
Ready Pop 8FT Tension Fabric Pop Up

Incorporating trade show graphics fabric into a trade show display is a method used by many exhibitors, and there’s a reason it’s so popular. Fabric allows you to include high resolution custom graphics, and it gives your space a more welcoming feel. No matter what type of display your company has, fabric is an option. Here are some of the ways you can utilize this element in your next trade show exhibition:

Truss displays – Truss displays are the most heavy-duty of all the exhibit options. These displays consist of large steel or aluminum frames which are used to provide the basic structure of the exhibit space. Fabric is then stretched across the frame to create a wall, and custom graphics are added to give your space individuality.

Modular displays – Like truss displays, modular units consist of frame and panel set-ups. Rather than heavy-duty steel, however, these are usually constructed of lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber. Fabric panels are then added to the frames to provide the backdrop for the rest of your space.

Tension fabric frame – Tension fabric offers another way to soften your exhibit space while ensuring that your branding information is front and center. Tension fabric displays consist of a sturdy frame, which is used to support the stretched fabric. The fabric is printed with your custom graphics and comes in a wrinkle-free design that is easy to clean and trade out for other graphic panels if desired.

Pop up frames – Pop up frames are the gold standard in the trade show circuit – they are literally everywhere. Their portability, lightweight design and inexpensive cost make them very attractive to most businesses. They also are constructed with fabric elements, which are custom printed with your chosen graphics.

Banners – Banners are like the little sister of the pop up frame, consisting of a basic stand and fabric panel. These are inexpensive – even with your custom trade show graphics added – and they’re easy to transport and set up at trade shows. The trade show graphic panels can also be switched out as needed.

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