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Ready Pop Lite 10FT Curved Tension Fabric Pop Up

In the trade show circuit, tension fabric displays aren’t necessarily the new kid on the block anymore, but they’re still way outnumbered by the pop up display. However, the ranks devoted to tension fabric displays are growing as more and more companies realize the benefits offered by this sleek and sophisticated display option. If you’re thinking of upgrading your pop up to a tension fabric exhibit, here are some reasons why it’s a good idea:

Lightweight, simple components –While pop ups are known for their transportability and relatively lightweight nature, tension fabric exhibits take it a step further. Like pop ups, they’re easy to move, as they consist of just a few parts: frame pieces and the fabric. There are no channel parts or other connectors, so the whole kit ends up being less cumbersome to move and weighs significantly less than a pop up set.

Stunning graphics – The fabric in a tension display is wrinkle-free and fits snugly over the frame, resulting in a smooth, sleek look for your graphics. And speaking of graphics, these displays allow them to really pop. Color-rich, high resolution printing methods are used to imprint your branding info and other graphics onto the fabric, giving you crisp, uninterrupted images and text.

They’re less common – Pop ups are still the bread and butter of most trade shows, so when you have this type of display, you’re just one of many. Fabric displays units are less common, though, meaning that your individuality can really shine through. Plus, you’ll be more noticeable in the crowd, and this means attracting more people and potentially gaining more business.

Easy to set up – There’s a bit more involved in the set-up of tension fabric displays as opposed to pop ups, but overall it is a simple process. All you have to do is connect the frame, and then stretch the graphic fabric over it and connect it in the back. Once you’ve done it a few times and have the hang of it, assembly takes about as long as that of a pop up.

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