There are a few things that most trade show booths have: the exhibit itself, light fixtures, and a table with maybe a couple of nondescript chairs. All of these are fine, and even necessary, but “fine” and “necessary” don’t usually add a lot of pizazz, do they? Instead, you need something functional yet eye-catching that people will notice, use, and remember later. You need custom directors chairs – here’s why:

People want to sit down. This seems like a simple enough reason to add a few chairs, right? Trade shows usually involve a lot of walking and a lot of standing for attendees, who usually want nothing more than to sit and rest for a few minutes between demos and presentations. Give them this chance with comfortable directors chairs – they’ll be grateful you did, and the seats will also work as a lure to get people into your booth and entice them to stay awhile.

  1. Take every branding opportunity you can. Your company’s branding information is how people recognize you, which is why it’s so important to take advantage of every opportunity out there. Sure, you’ve got your logo and custom graphics on your exhibit panels, but why not take it a step further by adding them to other pieces in your exhibit? The canvas backs of director chairs are perfect for customization, giving you yet another platform for branding.
  2. Custom Directors chairs contribute to the aesthetics of your space. Having a few strategically placed chairs in your exhibit space adds color and balance, making your display more aesthetically pleasing to visitors. Don’t underestimate the important of ambiance, either, as this is a primary factor in getting people into your booth. If your space looks good, people will want to visit it.

These custom directors chairs won’t cost you a whole lot – between $50 and $150 – but the return on your investment has the potential to be huge when you consider the three factors above. Attracting visitors, making them feel comfortable, and boosting your brand recognition can all add up to a lengthy list of new customers.

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