Gold Medal Directors Chair – Classic Natural 30″ Olive Canvas


Gold Medal Directors Chair

Style:  Classic
Height:  30 in
Canvas Color:  Olive
Wood Stain:  Natural

Gold Medal Classic Directors Chairs was the original Gold Medal design for over a century. The Classic series comes with comfort shaped armrests and contoured legs. Gold Medal Classic directors chairs are made from Appalachian Beech which are harvested from managed forests. These chairs come with a 10 year limited frame warranty and a 30 day limited canvas warranty. Choose from 4 different frame finishes, and 11 different canvas colors. Personalize your directors chair with a custom logo or embroidery.


Maximum embroidery length is 13″. Letter height is reduced as more lines are added.


Logos require vector art (ai, eps, etc)

PhotoFilm Printing

We can accept almost any graphics file for PhotoFilm. High res files product best results. Die cuts require vector art.

Replacement Leather

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