Whether you’ve invested in a pop-up, modular or custom trade show exhibit, there’s much more to the overall display than the main frame and panel pieces. A display isn’t complete without certain accessories, such as lighting, kiosks, and tables. Custom directors chairs offer another element to add functionality and appeal to your space, and there are a few ways you can use them.

Seating for visitors – Using directors chairs for seating is a no-brainer, but it still needs to be stated. These chairs offer the perfect place for tired conference attendees to take a load off while they learn about your business. They can also be used for meetings, presentations, or used at a table equipped with laptops or tablets that visitors can use to browse your company’s website or product/service catalog.

Advertising – Directors chairs can also be used for advertising purposes, as you can have them imprinted with your company’s branding information. Keep it simple with your company name and logo, or add other information such as your web address, slogan or other custom graphics to either the front or back.

Giveaways – Giveaways are an excellent way to promote your business and make your brand even more recognizable, and director chairs are great for this. It won’t set you back a ton to have a few custom chairs made, and most people will want them because they’re useful and versatile. As another option, you can save them to give to particularly important clients to let them know you value their business.

Ambiance – As a seating option, these directors chairs also add to the overall ambiance of your space. They’re clean, simple, and stylish and work to balance out the other elements in your trade show display booth. They also lend an air of invitation to your space and can be used to help attract visitors.

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