You’ve seen them a thousand times, but have you ever considered using directors chairs at your next trade show exhibition? Other exhibitors have realized the value that a few simple chairs can add to their display, which is why more and more companies are opting to bring along a few of these seats. Here’s why you should, too.

Comfort – When visitors approach your exhibit space, you want them to be comfortable. When people are comfortable, they’re more likely to stay longer, more likely to become interested in your products or services, and therefore more likely to become a new customer. Make them comfortable by offering them a stylish seating choice with directors chairs, which will allow them to rest awhile (all that walking at trade shows can be tiring!) AND feel like a valued guest.

Customization – Trade show attendees aren’t the only ones to benefit from a chair though. Custom directors chairs can also be customized with your branding information, giving you yet another opportunity to get your name and logo out there. With their fabric back panels, these seats provide a great opportunity to add custom graphics, website address, slogans, and more.

Aesthetics – The overall look and feel of your exhibit space plays a key role in attracting visitors to your booth. There are several vital components to a well-rounded space: the main exhibit structure, floor covering, lighting, tables, and chairs. Whether you’re using a pop-up booth or a custom modular display, adding in a few seating options for staff and guests can add to the aesthetic appeal and help balance out your space. Plus, they’re easy to move – just fold them up to load/unload or to store out of the way!

Investing in a few director chairs for your next trade show or conference is definitely something to consider. It won’t cost you that much – even with custom directors chairs – but the potential return can be much more than you might think.

Watch This Video on Different Styles of Directors Chairs

Sound Clip For Various Styles of Directors Chairs

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