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Directors Chairs

Directors chairs have a rich history dating back to 1892 when they were first designed by the Gold Medal American Company. Since that time, folding directors chairs have grown in popularity and in variety of use. You’ll find them on movie sets, sporting events, concerts, trade shows, TV shows, movie production sets, camping trips and a multitude of other places.

Not only is the directors chair comfortable to sit in, it can also be used as a strategic marketing tool. They can be personalized with company logos, an advertising slogan or a sales message. You can design these wooden chairs to complement the design and branding of your trade show display.

Since tall directors chairs are very comfortable, offering trade show attendees a comfortable place to sit and rest their weary feet is a great way to attract visitors to your booth.

Traditional custom directors chairs are constructed of wood and canvas. You will also find some of these chairs made of aluminum or synthetic wood.

Because they have such an unique and distinct look, they are great to use as an additional branding medium at your trade show. Here’s a list of some benefits of using them at trade shows.

Distinctive Appearance

People are drawn to bar height directors chairs. The unique style and design is a draw. Also, they are associated with success, accomplishment, leadership and elegance. And yet, they are simple and unassuming. They are an attractive and useful addition to any trade show display.


These counter height chairs are highly customizable. Logos, lettering and images can be printed on the canvas using a variety of printing methods such as embroidery, silk-screening, and heat transfer. You can choose to have these printed in one color all the way to full color printing. The canvas areas can easily be removed and replaced, giving your chair an entirely new look.


The strongest feature of director chairs is their portability. They are lightweight, fold up easily and are comfortable to carry. These are the chairs of choice to use when moving from location to location or when you need quick set up seating. They are easily folded and stacked.


A side benefit to using custom director chairs is that they promote good posture. The flexible canvas seat-back tends to encourage sitting more upright producing better posture and a more professional look. This is definitely the type of style and look you want at trade shows.

All these benefits make this simple yet profound piece of furniture a great compliment to a vast array of places and events. It’s a great seating solution whether for the home or for your business or event. A good quality directors chair is very affordable yet will last a long time.

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