Trade show vendors are always looking for ways to attract customers and stand out from the crowd. Investing in trade show banner stands is one way to do that. They instantly convey professionalism. Well-established companies always use banner stands, but smaller, newer businesses don’t always realize their importance. They may seem only optional since they aren’t technically necessary, but they definitely lend displays a put-together, trustworthy look and feel. That is exactly what every trade show vendor wants. Read on to learn more about the advantages of different types of these winning marketing components.

Retractable banner stands

Retractable stands are great for vendors who will be working by themselves. Because they are lightweight, and can be set up quickly and without fuss, they are ideal for someone working solo. When done, they can easily be retracted and stored in a convenient carrying case. One of the biggest advantages to this type is that the banner is actually stored inside the stand. This decreases the chances of it being harmed while in storage.

Telescoping rigid pole stands

Telescoping rigid pole stands are another type of trade show banner stands and are very traditional and reliable. Though they take a little longer to put together than retractable stands (and may require the help of an additional person), the benefit they provide is that they can work with banners of varying sizes. That means they can be used over and over at different trade shows. This type of stand is quite popular and is, perhaps, the type most used. It can also be double-sided, in effect doubling your marketing space. They are very secure and work well in places with high foot traffic.

Tension Pole/X Banner Stands

For the trade show vendor on a tight budget, tension pole stands, also known as an x banner stand, are a good starting point. They are lightweight, inexpensive and they get the job done. Because they are so lightweight and the poles are so thin, they may not last as long as other banner stands and they can easily be knocked over in high traffic areas. For that reason, this banner stand type is best placed in a corner or some other place with low foot traffic.

Outdoor Banner Displays

For those looking to display their messages outdoors, a regular banner stand won’t do. When it comes to concerts, festivals, sporting events and the like, you’ll need a stand particularly made for the outdoors. Outdoor banner displays are waterproof, rust-resistant and more durable than the typical indoor stand, which doesn’t have to stand up to wind, rain and snow. Their bases are often made to be filled with water or sand to prevent tipping in the wind or general use. Because outdoor events often have more space or may have unique needs, outdoor banner displays come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are on the heavier side, so they usually require more than one person for setup and takedown, but they aren’t usually complicated. They often require little upkeep other than being sprayed or wiped off and can stay in place indefinitely. However, if they are in areas that get a lot of sun, the banner may fade quickly and need to be replaced. In this situation, fade resistant banners should be used.

If you are (or plan to be) a trade show regular, good trade show banner stands are a worthwhile investment. It gives you an easy, aesthetically pleasing way to display your banners. Yes, you could hang them on the wall, but that won’t help your business stand out, and there is no guarantee you will have wall space. Your business will be much better off with a quality banner stand.

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