In today’s competitive business environment, brands have to stretch their advertising and marketing dollars as far as possible. They need solutions that work overtime, delivering both results and value. Retractable displays provide them with a tool that they can use effectively virtually anywhere and for any application. While retractable displays are popular for trade shows, they make themselves imminently useful elsewhere. Let’s take a look at some great ways to use them.

Beyond the Trade Show

A top-10 list of ways retractable displays can help brands achieve key objectives and attract audience attention:

  1. Shopping malls. It can be difficult to stand out in crowded malls and shopping centers. Pull up banners can help in a number of ways. Attract eager buyers; direct consumers to your location; display hot products; or entice with specials and sales. Retractable banners let people know you’re there.
  2. Hotel foyers. A simple, effective display in a hotel lobby or foyer can help direct interested parties to your location, but it can also introduce your products and brand to an entirely new audience. Building recognition is critical for today’s companies. Highlight products/services or provide essential contact information.
  3. Festivals and industry events. Any time your brand is “on the road” and out of the office, take retractable displays with you. Easy to transport, set up, and take down, these are effective brand ambassadors that are always ready to go.
  4. Lobbies. In your office or headquarters, install a banner stand as a semi-permanent display. You can show off products/services, announce sales, or provide instructions or directions. Why not add your social sharing info – like a hashtag or “Find us on Facebook” nod as well?
  5. Windows. Invest in UV-protective material, and your banner makes a perfect window display. Quick, easy, and convenient, this is an ideal way to promote seasonal campaigns and attract foot traffic to your location. Some models come with changeable graphics cartridges, so you can change your images and text to meet the needs of new campaigns.
  6. Educational institutions. A retractable display is a great way to provide essential information to students and their families. Colleges, for instance, can use them to direct parents to different events for Family Weekend or to orient new students to campus life.
  7. Restaurants/bars/clubs. Retractable Banner stands are ideal for a night on the town: announce drink specials or menu items, or entice hungry or thirsty patrons with delicious images. This is a great way to stand out from competitors.
  8. Sales presentations. Reinforce key points with retractable stands. They are so quick and easy to set up that they can be brought to any client pitch or presentation to provide visual emphasis and create a polished, professional appearance.
  9. Point of sale. Pull up banners can inspire consumers to buy. Use them at the point of sale to highlight products – or, better yet, highlight how great people feel when they purchase your products!
  10. Community events. At charity events and other functions, you can let people know that your brand is there, and that you’re an active part of the community. Here, you’re not necessarily “selling” anything. Rather, you’re engaging with your audience in a different way while building recognition.

Trade shows are just the beginning! While retractable displays should certainly be part of a trade show exhibit, their versatility and convenience makes them incredibly useful for virtually any application. Choose high-quality banners, and you will have a reliable, effective tool for all of your marketing and advertising initiatives.