There’s no two ways about it: participating in tradeshows, particularly hot industry events like CES or SXSW, is expensive. Everything from securing prime exhibit space to developing eye-catching assets can strain brand resources. Fortunately, one of the most effective marketing tools happens to be one of the most cost-effective as well: retractable banner stands.

Looking for an Affordable and Effective Retractable Banner Stands?

When brands attend trade shows, the objective is to generate leads, put products and services in front of motivated audiences, and close sales. But first, they have to be noticed! Retractable stands add height to exhibits, which draws attention. In addition, they convey vital information and reinforce brand messages. But one of their best features is their value. Why are they such a great deal?

  • Low upfront cost. Some exhibit assets require a significant investment. Today, brands can purchase high-quality stands for as little as a few hundred dollars. When entry fees can reach into the tens of thousands, this is a financial relief. The banners are fully customized, branded, and ready for immediate use.
  • Efficient design. Some banner stands have X- and L-shaped frames that make them more difficult to move and transport. They are more prone to damage from this process. The retractable design reduces the risk of tearing, cracking, and ripping – meaning brands won’t have to re-purchase stands that aren’t up to trade show standards.
  • Quick setup. Shows require staff members to set up and dissemble exhibits. With retractable banner stands, staffers simply raise the banner as they would a window shade. It is set up in minutes instead of hours– and time saved is money saved. When the show is over, they simply pack it into the convenient travel case.
  • Easy transport. Most pull up banners are compact enough to be considered “carry-on” luggage, so brand ambassadors don’t have to worry about checking this asset (or, potentially, losing it!). Traditional stands and other trade show materials can cost a fortune to ship. With these banner stands, a staffer simply hops on the plane (or in the car) and eliminates this added cost.
  • Multiple applications. Adding to the value, brands can use these effective tools for far more than trade shows. They can be used for virtually any advertising or marketing initiative, from lobby displays to announcing new products to attracting foot traffic. Businesses don’t have to purchase new assets for these applications.

This is just the start. Here are a few ways brands can make these low-cost retractable banner stands work harder and more efficiently for them:

  • Consider purchasing multiple banner signs.With a few of these, brands can create a mural or use the stands in creative ways. One example: install a few pieces of shelving and add a “wall” of banner signs to create a demonstration kiosk.
  • Try interchangeable graphics cassettes. If companies opt for high-quality vinyl stands, changeable graphics cassettes allow them to update their trade show assets quickly and easily. They can add new products, additional information, or seasonal campaigns.
  • Opt for UV-protection for outdoor applications. If signs will be used outdoors or near windows, UV-protected fabric or material can help prolong the life of the retractable displays.
  • Invest in higher-quality hardware and carrying cases. This ensures that the frames are durable, mechanisms work, and the stands are protected during transport. A little more spent here can keep brands from having to replace their retractable banner stands.

Trade shows are one of the best ways for brands to put themselves in front of eager audiences, and a retractable banner display is critical in attracting attention and generating excitement. All this and cost-effective, too!