Retractable Banner

Baby Step 33.5″ Retractable Banner Stand

In a crowded, competitive environment, such as a tradeshow or industry convention, it is essential that you see, but even more important that you be seen. A retractable banner stand is an effective way to ensure that your brand stands out among the pack and that your audience can see you. How can you make sure that your banner is unique, distinctive, and attention-grabbing?

Create Retractable Displays that Wow

While retractable banner stands are remarkably effective tools, careful design is critical. Some considerations to keep in mind before you set up at your next trade show or industry event:

  1. Less is more. Avoid the temptation to put everything that is wonderful and unique about your brand in one banner! Consumers are inundated with advertisements and are adept at tuning out the “noise.” Unless a message resonates and captures their attention immediately, they won’t give it a second glance. Cramming your banner with extraneous words or images overloads the audience: they see so much that they don’t see at all. They simply gloss over it and move on. Instead, keep it simple: one message; straightforward image; very little text. Position the most important element – the message you most need to convey – at eye-level.
  2. Clean, light backgrounds. Have you ever tried to read a website with a black background and white text? What happened? Your eyes got tired, and you clicked the “back” button as fast as you could! That’s what happens when consumers see dark signs with light lettering or imagery. This combination fatigues the eye. A much better approach is to use a light (e.g., white) background with bold colors. This is much more refreshing to the eye – which means that audiences will be more likely to give roll up banner stands their attention.
  3. Go Bold. White space is good. You don’t want a banner that is so crowded that people immediately dismiss it. To ensure they actually see the message you want them to see, use bold, bright colors for your images and text. White, yellow, orange, and red are most pleasing to the eye: vibrant but not intrusive or fatiguing. They work well in fast-paced environments like trade shows.
  4. Avoid these Colors. Blues and greens are soothing and pleasant, but they don’t tend to function as attention-grabbers. Also, it’s important to avoid using a multitude of colors, no matter what they are. Limit yourself to two or three shades to avoid overloading your audience.
  5. Choose the Right Fonts. Simple, easy-to-read fonts are best. Options include Arial and other “serif” fonts. These are most commonly used in printing. Times New Roman and other “non-serif” fonts shouldn’t be used because they tend to be more difficult to read. Avoid italic fonts on your retractable banner stands for this reason as well.
  6. Use High-Quality Images. To transfer your logo, products, or other images onto a retractable banner stand, make sure you use high-quality files. Sending a Word doc or a PowerPoint slide to the printer, for instance, will result in a blurry image that reflects poorly on your brand. Design your image in “real size” to avoid compromising the quality, and use PDFs to format and save your work. It’s best not to try to expand images because the quality is reduced significantly.

A retractable banner can be your “secret weapon” for trade shows, product launches, promotional events, career fairs and much more. When designing yours, keep it simple, clean, and crisp to make sure you attract the attention of your audience without overloading their senses.