Today’s brands face a double challenge: they have to break through a cluttered competitive field to reach their audiences – and they have to do so by stretching their advertising and marketing dollars as far as they can go. Every asset – from a trade show exhibit booth to printed brochures – needs to provide a return on their investment and effectively capture their audience’s attention. Fortunately, roll up banner stands help brands accomplish both missions. What are they, and how can you use them?

Roll up banner stands are easy to set up, operate, and take down. A base stores the banner. When needed, it simply rolls out, the headrail attaches to the support pole, and your brand ambassadors can move on to other jobs. In less than a minute, the banner is up and already attracting attention. Here are five ways that you can use these versatile displays:

  1. Trade Shows. This is perhaps the most common application for pull up banners – and for good reason. Imagine a crowded convention center or exhibition hall. Hundreds of brands, including close competitors, vie for the audience’s attention. With so much clutter, it’s hard to stand out – unless you have visual height, a clear, compelling message, and great branding. That’s what these roll up banner stands deliver. They can be used to direct attendees to your booth, promote your products or services, and build brand awareness. With incredibly easy set-up, operation, take-down, and transport, these are arguably the most convenient trade show assets available! Not to mention one of the most cost-effective.
  2. Table Top. These versatile banners come in a wide range of sizes. If you don’t need a towering 7-foot attention-grabber (or already have one), there are smaller, tabletop versions. Use them to direct your audience’s attention to materials like brochures, product information, or other company literature. For some events, your “exhibition space” is limited to a single table. You can maximize that with a small retractable stand. They are ideal for trade shows, college fairs, job fairs, product launches, and much more to either replace larger stands or supplement them.
  3. Wayfinding. “I was interested in that product/brand, but I can’t find them. Where are they? Oh well, I’ll just go with this one instead.” These types of internal conversations occur countless times at trade shows, industry events, fairs, malls, shopping centers, and more. People are interested in what you have to offer – but only if they can find you easily and conveniently. Most are not willing to wander. To ensure that consumers can find your exhibit space, simply place “wayfinding” banner stands in logical locations. They help guide interested parties right to you. You could do a “You Are Here” design with map-like instructions, arrows, or written directions.
  4. Reusable Sales Promotions. Roll up banner stands are ideal for announcing new products/services, enticing audiences with sales, or highlighting bestsellers. They can be used at trade shows – and then used again and again at any press or marketing event that your brand attends. Not only does this save money and provide extended value, it keeps your brand look consistent.
  5. Lobby Displays. Greet guests and visitors; provide directions to your offices or showroom floors; show off hot products; announce specials and sales; show off your company logo and slogan; put them in a window to increase foot traffic or simply make an eye-catching display. There are a myriad of practical uses for retractable banners right in your own lobby.

If you need brand assets that provide outstanding value, durability, and versatility, look no further than retractable banner stands. Ideal for a number of creative uses, these stands will help you stand out from the crowd.